iTOP VPN – Complete Review

Looking to access unavailable websites and apps?


Do you want to listen to some latest music or watch your favorite television series?

Then the easiest and the fastest solution to your problem is a VPN that is also known as a Virtual Private Network that allows your connection to stay private even on public Wifi so that no one can collect your online data.

And if you are looking for the best VPN nowadays then it’s the iTop VPN that allows you to access social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Tiktok, and many more that you can’t access in your region.

Let’s take an example on Netflix as you know US Netflix library is a big one containing a lot of new shows which you can’t access in your country.

And you also know that NetFlix bans VPN IP addresses but if you have an iTOP VPN then you can freely access the Netflix library of every country.

iTop VPN also provides you with the most secure browsing by hiding your IP address so that information and online activities get protected.

iTop VPN can be anyone’s go-to choice if they want unrestricted access to their favorite content without getting their speed compromised. You can access Roblox, Netflix, or any Site from iTop VPN’s servers around the world

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Supported OS: Desktop/Mobile

Available FREE with Paid Upgrades

Overview of System Requirements

The iTop VPN that is built to provide you safer access to blocked websites and no limits on the bandwidth is designed for Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista.

Also can be installed on platforms such as macOS, Andriod, Disney, Netflix, and iOS.

You can connect to 5 devices at a time with a super-fast connection.

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Upcoming are some of the highlighted features of the iTop VPN.

Network Solutions

The iTop VPN comes with the 4 best networking protocols that allow you safe data transfer, authenticated transmission, and super-fast gaming and streaming.

The 4 best VPN network protocols are as follows:

  1. TCP: It is also known as Transmission control protocol that is responsible for the integrity of the data being communicated over a network. It’s the most commonly used protocol when it comes to networks. In short words, it protects your identity online with no lag.
  2. UDP: The User Datagram Protocol job is to ensure faster network speed and safer surfing on the web. Also if you are a Pubg player and don’t want any lag in your game then this encrypted protocol finds the fastest network for you so that your games don’t lag.
  3. HTTP: It helps transfer data over the internet such as credit card numbers and banking information securely over the internet. And is a double encryption protocol so that your data doesn’t get hacked.
  4. Auto Protocol: The Auto protocol ensures both safe and fast access to the internet. You won’t need to unblock restrictions with this protocol.

Kill Switch

Another useful feature of iTop VPN is the kill switch which protects your network whenever your VPN service stops working the kill switch automatically kills the internet connection for your PC.

And when it gets activated then you don’t need to worry about your personal IP address or information being disclosed.

Although you have activated the kill switch activated automatically feature when you install iTop VPN as it will create a connection tunnel and no traffic will flow in or out of your device.

In short, you need the kill switch feature because it makes sure your traffic is always encrypted and makes online activities secret and secure.

No Logs Policy

The No Logs policy is not found in most VPN services but iTop is one of those that has a No log policy which means your data won’t get leaked and is safe as the iTop says:

“iTop VPN for Windows will firmly stick to the No-Log Policy, so under no circumstances will this VPN track, nor record any information of your profile”.

iTop VIP

Not many VPN services are for free but you can free download iTop that gives you a bandwidth of 700 MB per day but if you want to get unlimited data and bandwidth you can download iTop VPN version that comes at a price of $55.44 at $ 2.31 /mo.

GET 80% OFF Today

Every plan has a 15-day money-back guarantee.

With this VIP version, you can enjoy 1800+ servers worldwide, 10x faster connection, Gaming dedicated server, and much more.

And you can use the iTop service on any platform you want once you purchase it.


After reviewing the iTop VPN has an outstanding VPN service due to its extra privacy features that guarantee you that your data will be safe and secure.

It’s so easy to use and offers a huge variety of servers for streaming, gaming, and browsing. Also at this cheap price iTop is offering so many servers that no other VPN service offers like you can unblock your favorite streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Netflix, Disney and etc.

And when coming to performance then iTop VPN is the fastest with over 1Gbps over a connection.

If a game is banned in your region, all you will get is a black screen on your console/pc. One of the main advantages is the PUBG VPN offered by iTop, as a gamer, you know that PUBG is banned in some countries but with this, you can bypass the restrictions and can access new servers.

But there are some cons to the iTop VPN as the support program replies too late and sometimes doesn’t work properly.

While playing any game the ping sometimes increases suddenly when it connects to a distant server. Als0 there could be some more exciting and useful protocols other than the given one so, that everyone can browse more safely.


Is iTop VPN actually free?

Yes, iTop VPN has a free version that allows you 700 MB of data per day, and to get unlimited bandwidth and data you need to purchase the VIP version of iTop.

Does iTop VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, iTop VPN works with Netflix and you can stream different shows from various libraries.
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