Student Apps to Cope with Homework Faster

The process of learning has many hidden challenges. As a rule, the most difficult thing for many students is completing academic assignments.

The good news is that there are many modern applications that can make your learning easier. So, what are these magic solutions that can speed up the process of doing homework? It’s time to discover the most popular student applications right here below.

Top Solution For Doing Homework Fast 

Is it possible to get all my assignments done in no time? Who can write my paper for me cheap? Many students are looking for the answers to these questions. Well, if you would like to cope with your academic assignment in a fast and easy way, it might be a good idea to look for professional assistance online.

This way, you can get even the most difficult academic paper written by a true expert. However, if you want to save money or prefer completing your tasks by yourself, feel free to use these amazing apps to enhance your learning process. 


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Most students believe that Grammarly is one of the most helpful apps for easy and effective writing. This is a powerful tool that allows for identifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, as well as typos in your writing. The app can automatically check your paper for mistakes and other issues and will underline the errors in your writing. If you highlight the underlined word or phrase, you will see the app’s suggestions on how to fix it. 

What is good about Grammarly? It is a more advanced solution compared to standard writing and editing tools. You can add its extension to any modern browser and get all the data you print on the keyboard checked automatically.

You don’t need to have any technical skills to set it up according to your needs. Grammarly is as simple as a piece of cake and will take you just a few moments for a successful installation. 

Grammarly’s basic version is free to use for all learners – it doesn’t contain any annoying apps or sticky pop-up windows. The tool is fresh and has a perfect interface with all the needed functionality available right at hand. If you would like to learn how to make your writing even better, you may also purchase the app’s premium version.

Google Calendar 

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To cope with your homework faster, it is crucial to start completing it far before the deadline. This way, you will have more time for doing the research, collecting the arguments, and writing itself. If you start doing your assignment in advance, you will not need to learn at night or have a drop in effectiveness due to your tiredness.

But how can you remember all the academic assignments you need to compose on different subjects and topics?

This is where Google Calendar is going to help you. Feel free to schedule various activities, set up reminders, and get notifications about important exams, tests, or homework. This tool will improve your time-management skills, help you keep up with deadlines, and complete all your academic assignments right on time. Forget about study stress and keep track of your learning schedule in an easy way. 


Staying focused during learning is one of the most complicated tasks for even the most diligent students. The reason is that a common learner faces numerous distractors. What about scrolling a newsfeed on Facebook? Want to look through some fresh photos shared by your friends on Instagram? Are there any new exciting videos on your favorite YouTube channels?

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Any third-party app on your smartphone or laptop might appear to be a true time-eater. 

So, how can you stop getting distracted by all your favorite sites and applications? StayFocusd was designed exactly for these purposes. It can restrict your access to some popular websites for a particular amount of time. For example, you can switch on this easy-to-use blocker for two hours and avoid being distracted by Facebook notifications or other apps. As a result, you will cope with your academic assignments much faster. 


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The process of learning is usually connected with finding and storing links to important information, making notes, and composing various types of data in a convenient way. If you would like to make the process of writing academic papers smoother, it’s time to try Notion. 

Notion is a well-known application for making notes that is widely used by most modern students. What is more, Notion can sync with your Google Calendar and make your planning even more effective. Keep in touch with any class, event, or exam in a matter of a few clicks. The app has several versions, both free and paid. 

Lifehack for learners: if you register using your college or university email, you can get access to Notion’s pro version for free. 

All in all, there are many other tools that can help you improve your learning and allow you to complete even the trickiest homework more effectively. Feel free to try Hemingway, Quizlet, Khan Academy, Forest, and others.

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