Roblox Keeps Crashing MacOS? Roblox Keeps Configuring?

Roblox Crashing MacOS? Roblox Stuck on Configuring Roblox?

So you have been playing Roblox for a really long time on your macOS but suddenly it starts crashing

If that’s so then it’s mostly due to the outdated version or some bugs in the software.

So, to help our readers and viewers, I have compiled a list of possible solutions to fix any Roblox Crashing MacOS Error on your MacBook (Air/Pro) or your iMac.

Why does my Roblox keep crashing Mac?

Your Roblox keeps crashing Mac due to cache file storage being full.

So here’s how you can clear it:

  • On your desktop, click on GO.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on Library.
  • Find the Cache Folder, and click on it
  • Select All and delete
  • Restart and check if Roblox crashing MacOS exists.

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Solution 1: Reinstall to fix Roblox Crashing MacOS/Macbook/iMac?

To fix Roblox MacOS/Macbook/iMac you need to uninstall and then reinstall the Roblox again. Sometimes reinstalling the Roblox will help in solving the Error. Here’s how to uninstall Roblox on MacOS:

Make sure you do not see Roblox or Roblox Studio in it. If either program is listed, please select Roblox or Roblox Studio and click Force Quit.

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However, this action will not completely remove Roblox from your Mac.

Just as each application creates additional service files on your computer for its proper performance, so does the Roblox app.

These files are saved on your disk even after you delete the execution file.

To completely uninstall Roblox from your Mac, you will need to complete the following additional steps:

  • Open Finder
  • Click Go in the Finder’s menu
  • Go to Folder → in the window that appears
  • Type ~/Library and click Go

How to delete Roblox Library on MacOS


Now you will have access to the user’s library folder, which is hidden by default to avoid accidentally deleting important system files.

Roblox service files are useless without a valid file, so you can delete them freely.

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You will find and delete all the files service stored in the following directories of the Roblox and Roblox Studio.


How to conpletely uninstall Roblox on macOS roblox crashing macos



how to completely uninstall Roblox on macOS


how to completely uninstall Roblox on macOS


how to completely uninstall Roblox on macOS

~/Library/Saved Application State

how to completely uninstall Roblox on macOS

  • Empty the Trash bin to completely uninstall Roblox on your Mac to fix Roblox

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How to delete files from the Trash to fix Roblox crashing MacOS

  • Click on the Trash icon in the Dock and choose Empty Trash.

How to delete files from the Trash on macOS

  • Or, empty the trash by pressing three keys consecutively: Command + Shift + Delete.
  • You should see a warning: “Are you sure you want to delete the items in your Trash” because you can’t undo this action, but assuming you do want to delete, once you click Empty Trash you should be free of them.

How to delete files from the Trash on macOS

  • To bypass the “Are you sure you want to permanently erase the items in the Trash?” message, press:
  • Command + Option/Alt + Shift + Delete

How to Reinstall the Roblox Software?

Some technical problems like Roblox being stuck on configuring MacOS or Roblox freezing MacOS can be solved by reinstalling Roblox.

Be sure to try restarting before reinstalling. Here’s how to reinstall to fix Roblox freezes my Mac:


Open Safari, log into Roblox, and play. You will be asked to install the application.

Please do this by following all the instructions on the screen. If the installation does not happen automatically, do the following:

  • Go to the Finder > Today and click on Roblox.dmg
  • This should run the installer for you and place the Roblox icon in your apps.
  • Select it from your apps and it should go to your tray
  • Now launch Roblox to check if Roblox crashing MacOS is fixed or not.

Move to Solution 2 for fixing Roblox crashing MacOS.

Solution 2: Using a Supported Browser to fix Roblox Not Working On Mac

supported browsers

If you are using the Roblox platform in a web browser. And not download the application to your system or smartphone.

Make sure that you use it in a supported browser. Because some browsers are not supported by Roblox and you will not be able to enter the game leading to Roblox Crashing MacOS.

Use any updated browser to access Roblox. Your browser must be updated because outdated browsers can also cause Roblox not to work on Mac.

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Solution 3: Clear Cache to fix Roblox Crashing MacOS

Clear your cache to delete stored data by your macOS.

The cache is used to provide faster access to your files, but sometimes an issue can cause an error leading to errors like Roblox Error 610Roblox Error 524Roblox error 901Roblox error 260.


These errors are caused like Roblox stuck configuring MacOS mainly because of conflicts in caches that are most easily solved by getting rid of them.

  • On your desktop, click on GO.

library cache clear data mac Cache on macOS” width=”540″ height=”551″ data-pagespeed-url-hash=”1764491104″>

  • In the drop-down menu, click on Library.
  • Find the Cache Folder, and click on it

Clear cache on robloc crashing macOS

  • Select All and delete
  • Restart and check if Roblox crashing MacOS exists.

Solution 4: Lower the Graphics 

Lowering the graphics in Roblox will help to prevent the Roblox Keeps Crashing on macOS Issues. Follow the steps down below:

  1. Open the Roblox 
  2. Click on the menu icon
  3. A new window will open with five options 
  4. Select “Settings” Tab
  5. Navigate to the “Graphics Mode” option
  6. Now change Automatic to Manual
  7. After that change the Graphics Quality to Low.

After lowering the graphics in Roblox you will notice the improved speed of gameplay without having any lag plus the Roblox Crashing MacOS will be solved.

I hope you get to fix Roblox crashing MacOS and if you want to know more about Roblox just let us know in the comment section.


  1. Does Roblox still work on Mac?

    roblox crashing

    Yes, Roblox works on macOS, MacOS X, iOS, and other latest devices.

  2. Is it bad to play Roblox on a MacBook Pro?

    mac roblox

    No, it’s not bad to play Roblox on MacBook Pro but it’s really safe as Roblox is a gaming platform designed for every device on earth.


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