What Is Tunneling In Dead by Daylight (DBD)?

Stuck in Tunneling in Dead by Daylight?

and if you are fed up with it, then I’ll let you know:

  1. What exactly tunneling in Dead by Daylight is?  
  2. How to get rid of tunneling easily?

Many users consider tunneling as a bad act in DBD because it reduces bloodpoint and the killer is after you in the whole game until you get killed.

For pro gamers, this is a weak thing to do but some high-rank players don’t do this just out of respect.

So. you really don’t need to worry as we will let you know about different perks through which you can overcome Tunneling Dead by Daylight and can also save your teammate survivors.

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What Is Tunneling Dead By Daylight?

Tunneling Dead By Daylight is basically focusing on one survivor ignoring the other survivors in the game and hooking one guy over and over again until he is dead. If they get unhooked then you need to go back after them and hook them and hunt them again.

Most people say that Tunneling is all intentional but let’s say the killer puts the survivor on the hook and goes after another person, then if the survivor unhooks himself during that time and accidentally comes in front of the killer unhealed then the survivor would get killed by the killer.

This means that the survivor had time to unhook him and heal him too but he couldn’t and came in front of the killer so, you need to think that “Did the killer come back for me specifically“? Or “Did they find me“?

Moreover, there are three main examples that show Tunneling Dead By Daylight:

  • Chasing one survivor constantly even the other have flashlighted you or bodyblocked the hooks.
  • Ignoring the other survivors in the game and concentrating on only one.
  • Chasing a survivor with a bear trap on his head while others complete gens and try to escape.tunneling dead by daylight, dead by daylight hook, dead by daylight hook, tunneling game, tunneling games, tunneling dead by daylight

How To Overcome Tunneling in DBD?

Below we have mentioned all the useful tips that are in this video to Overcome Tunneling in DBD.

Many users are fed up with Tunneling in DBD as you can’t escape from a killer that is constantly coming behind you to kill you.

And make sure you don’t mix tunneling Dead By Daylight with smudging, hook campaign, targeting a survivor that is injured or even being chased by the killer for a long time.

Although you can’t force the killer to stop tunneling Dead By Daylight you can use some items or strategies to stop the killer.

So, here are a few things that help you to deal with tunneling in DBD:

1. Adrenaline

Adrenaline help you run faster than the usual speed such as you will start sprinting at 150% of normal running speed for 5 seconds. Also, you will be healed in one Health State such as if you are in the dying state you will be moved to the injured one.

But to do this you need to run the killer around like waste his time until the other survivors repair all the five Generators.

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2. Deliverance

When the Tunneling Dead By Daylight the killer hooks the survivor you can unhook yourself with the help of Adam Francis Perk Deliverance. To activate deliverance you should perform Save Hook Rescue on one of the survivors.

The deliverance will help you with Broken Status Effect for 100/80/60 seconds and during that time the survivor is unable to heal itself unless he uses Self-Care or a Med-Kit.

3. Borrowed Time

If you unhook the survivor using the Borrowed time then the survivor will get into Endurance Status Effect for a short time and if any damage is done during that time will be ignored.

And the survivor has to mend themself in that time then they are safe and if they don’t during that time then they will be put into dying state.

4. Decisive Strike

This is one of the best strategies to stop tunneling Dead By Daylight as the Decisive strike is unlocked at Bloodweb level 40 on Laurie Strode. When you get unhooked but the killer chases you again then the Decisive strike acts as a Skill Check.

The killer will be stunned for 5 seconds if the skill check worked properly and you will be able to escape from the killer.

Moreover, there are conditions due to which Decisive strike will be deactivated:

  • Cleanse a Totem
  • Sabotage a Hook
  • Unhook other Survivors
  • Succeed or fail the Decisive Strike Skill Check
  • Repair a Generator
  • Heal yourself or other Survivors

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Is it bad to tunnel in dead by daylight?

Below we have discussed the points mentioned in this video in detail that is it good or bad to tunnel dead by daylight.

Yes, it is considered bad to tunnel in dead by daylight as many users face the worst experience especially if they are the number 1 target of the Killer. Tunneling Dead By Daylight reduces the blood point for particular survivors and leaves the other survivors to work on Generators.

Also, tunneling is considered toxic when you get after one player just because you are pissed at him and want to kill him. Instead of chasing other survivors and having more hits as the more hits, you get in the game the more points you gain you just end up putting pressure on the whole team while tunneling.

Moreover, there are some high-rank players who hook you up but when you come in front of them again by unhooking they just leave and don’t kill you or chase you just due to respect.

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I hope you get to know about the facts of Tunneling dead by daylight and also get to know the difference between when you are getting chased intentionally by the killer or when not.

Although Tunneling in DBD should be banned as many users’ game experience gets destroyed and the whole game revolves around running to save their life just because they are being chased by one killer constantly.

And if you got any questions regarding Tunneling Dead By Daylight then let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Can you get banned for tunneling in dead by daylight?

    Dead by Daylight Keeps Crashing?

    No, you cannot get banned for tunneling as said by the Dead by Daylight development team. Although you can report players for cheating, abusing bugs, griefing in the game report system.

  2. What does Kyf stand for in DBD?

    Kyf stands for Kill Your Friends and it’s one of the 3 available game modes provided by Dead by Daylight.

  3. What is sandbagging in DBD?

    Dead by Daylight Steam header

    Sandbagging in DBD means that you can stop in front of another survivor to don’t let him escape to avoid a killer hit

  4. Can you get banned for being a nice killer DBD?

    No, you won’t get banned for being a nice and friendly killer DBD as long s you don’t force people into playing longer matches.


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