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What is Valorant?

Valorant is a hero shooter game developed by the Riot games for Microsoft Windows. This game allows the user to experience the modern version of the counter strike. Valorant right now is very popular in teen to adult ages.

Every hero/character in the game has unique abilities which help the player to defend and create distractions on front assault and this will lead you to win the game. The ranking system provided by Riot Games in Valorant helps you to analyze your performance and compare your gaming skills with your gaming buddies.

What are the Valorant requrimenents for PC?

Here are the minimum requirement required for Valorant on PC:Valorant pc requirments 1 e1641535790920

Here are the Hi-End PC requirement required for Valorant:

Valorant pc requirments 2 e1641535929220

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Video Guide: Valorant Ranking System

Tutorial: Valorant Ranking System

The Valorant Ranking system is a bit different that why some players get confused in the Valorant ranking system. Valorant ranks System is consists of 8 Major ranks which come up with sub ranks.

Here is the list of the Major Valorant Ranks:

  1. Iron 
  2. Bronze 
  3. Silver 
  4. Gold
  5. Platinium
  6. Diamond
  7. Immortal 
  8. Radiant 

Competitive Ranks Valorant Ranks

All of the above mention ranks have sub ranks that will be upgraded as you gather XP. More XP you get more your rank will go up. Sometimes you might skip some ranks because in your previous match you might get more XP which is required by the current rank so you will pass on the next sub rank or might cross the major rank.

Most of the player community stays in the Silver tier because it’s very easy to gain silver status from just normal gameplay you can have silver status.

Each of the ranks required approx 3000 XP to increase the tier. As your rank upgrades in the Valorant more difficult the game it becomes So, it is not easy to gain XP in upper ranks as compared to the lower-tier game.

Is 1 or 3 higher VALORANT?

Valorant has eight major ranks which define the position and skill of the player in the game. These majors have sub ranks as you achieve the score and the requirement of the Sub at the end of the game you will earn it. In Valorant Ranks, the 1st is considered as low rank while the 3rd rank is considered as the highest rank in sub Valorant Ranks.

What is the average rank in VALORANT? Valorant Ranks?

Among the top eight ranking tiers in Valorant, the Silver 2 is considered to have average rank in-game which needs below 60 success rate in the game.

What rank is TenZ in VALORANT?

TenZ is a Radiant rank in Valorant ranks. Radiant is a top rank in the Valorant which is achieved for the first time by the player name as Ten Z in a closed beta game.

Does Rank Decay happen in Valorant?

Valorant does not have a feature of the Rank Decay. Your Rank will stay intact even you are away from the game. This will help the user to play as their convinced and you skip the game for days if you have a busy seclude and resume it when you have free time for it.

If you stay away from the game for more than a month or 6 months then you have to play the Placement game in order to reinstate the rank back. When you complete the placement game you will back your rank level back without any rank decay.

What is Match Making Rating?

Match Making Rating is also known as (MMR) is a rating each player has. This rating represents the skill level of the player. This rating eventually helps the Valorant to have accurate matchmaking when you are playing.

MMR is totally separate from the RR. MMR only represents the skills you have in the game more you are good in the game you have more MMR.

What is Rank Rating?

Rank rating is a rating that represents the skill and performance of the player in the game. Whenever you will get RR points which will help you to earn the next tier. To get the next tier you must have 100 RR value which will help you to upgrade to the next tier.

When you have zero RR in the match then you must check you might get demoted but you don’t have to worry about it the Valorant has an RR demoting protection policy you cannot lose more than 20 points and your 80 points will be protected.

Is Valorant free for PC?

Yes, the Valorant is totally free for PC users

Hope all of the above answers help you to understand the Valorant Ranks.

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