PS5 error code NP-102955-2? Account Information is Incorrect?

PS5 error code NP-102955-2? NP-102955-2?

Are you seeing an error message saying “The account information is incorrect”?

If yes then I know you might be fed up by logging in again and again into your PlayStation account.

So you don’t need to worry because we have prepared a list of valid solutions to solve your NP-102955-2.

What is PS5 error code NP-102955-2? Incorrect Account Information?

PS5 error code NP-102955-2 occurs whenever you try to log in to your PlayStation account with an incorrect username or password.

What are the reasons for PS5 error code NP-102955-2?

There could be multiple reasons for PS5 error code NP-102955-2 such as:

  1. PSN may be down or under maintenance.
  2. Incorrect username and password.
  3. The account may be suspended or banned.

Solution 1: Double-check Username and Password to FIX NP-102955-2

The first thing you need to do to solve PS5 error code NP-102955-2 is to make sure your username and password are the same as the account you registered on the console.

While entering your password keep in mind these two things:

  1. If it’s a case-sensitive password you should be able to distinguish between capital and small letters as a capital I may be taken as small L.
  2. If your password contains multiple characters and is long
  3. Then break them into a group of four characters so you enter them properly.

PS5-sign-in-page-PS5 error code NP-102955-2

PS5 Error 107938-8

Solution 2: Check if the Play Station Network (PSN) is Down?

If you think your internet connection is working properly then PS5 error code NP-102955-2 might be due to PSN servers that will be undergoing maintenance, so all you can do is confirm that this problem exists.

And for that, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Network Service Status page.
  2. Check the service status and if there’s any issue all you have to do is wait.
  3. If the server issue is fixed then do check for system software updates.
  4. And if the site won’t load then surely it’s your internet connection problem.

For this follow the next solution.

Solution 3: Log in to your PlayStation Account On another Device to Fix PS5 Error Code NP-102955-2

You can solve the PS5 error code NP-102955-2 and confirm your username and password by signing into the Sony Entertainment Network page.

PS5 Error code CE-105799-1

Solution 4: Check if the PlayStation Account is Disabled

If the above solution didn’t work for you then this surely will solve PS5 error code NP-102955-2.

You should check your email as account suspension details are sent to the email which you give while signing in.

There could be two possibilities relating to this:

  1. If your account is disabled temporarily all you can do is wait until the suspension expires.
  2. Or you can do is contact Sony and they might lift the ban depending on the situation.
  3. If the account is banned permanently and it could be due to a serious ToS violation
  4. All you can do is create a new PSN account but the sad part is all your data including your favorite games will be gone with the banned account.

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I hope the above solutions helped you solve NP-102955-2 and if you got any questions just let us know in the comment section.



PS5 error code NP-102955-2? Account Information is Incorrect?

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