How To Get A Sony PS5 Replacement? PS5 Warranty Replacement?

How To Get A PS5 Replacement Console Directly From Sony?

I know it’s really frustrating that you just bought a brand new PS5 and maybe after a week or month there’s some issue with it

due to which it won’t turn on or maybe your controller not working or any other issue.

If you got a PS5 warranty then you don’t need to worry as you can describe your issue to Sony and they will help you replace the console.

Does Sony replace defective PS5?

Yes, Sony replaces defective PS5 as long as your PS5 is in warranty.

Can you add warranty to PS5?

No, you cannot add a warranty to PS5 as Sony doesn’t allow it.

Best Video Guide for How To Get A PS5 Replacement

Moving on to getting a PS5 Replacement console from Sony.

How To Get A PS5 Replacement Console Directly From Sony?

Before going for the replacement option, you need to know that the PS5 warranty only covers the disc drive, PS5 black screen, storage issues, PS5 crashes, and power failures.

How do I get my PS5 fixed?

After that all you need to get a PS5 Replacement console directly from sony is to follow the steps:

  1. Visit the official PlayStation hardware support website.
  2. Select PlayStation 5 Disc.
  3. Then you will see a message on top saying “Is this the first time you’ve used your PS5?”
  4. If you select Yes then on the next page, you need to follow a set of
  5. And if checking the HDMI port and power cord didn’t fix your issue then select No.
  6. On the next page, you will see different kinds of PS5 issues, and let’s say we select Power and system
  7. You will see a drop-down menu and select The system won’t turn on at
  8. The next question it will ask is “How often does this problem occur?” and if you choose
  9. It will ask you to check if the AC power cord is damaged or unplug it and if this didn’t work, select
  10. On the next page, you will see this statement “Now let’s try using a different mains socket to supply power to your system” and if you still got the problem then click No.ps5 replacement
  11. After that you will be asked to use a different AC power cord with your PS5 and if the issue still exists then click
  12. In the end, they will give you a quoting reference code and a phone number according to your region on which you can give a call to PlayStation Support and tell them your referral
  13. And you will be able to get a PS5 replacement and also fix or replace it.

I hope you get to know how to get a PS5 Replacement directly from Sony by following the guide above and if you got any questions just let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Does painting your PS5 void warranty?

    No, painting your PS5 doesn’t void the warranty as long as the serial number is visible.

  2. Where can i take my ps5 to get fixed?

    You can take your PS5 for getting fixed to the nearest Sony service center.

  3. Is PS5 still hard to get?

    Yes, PS5 is still hard to get even after months of launch due to high demand and pre-orders.


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