How To Keep Inventory When You Die In Minecraft?

This is a tutorial about How To Keep Inventory Command in Minecraft After you die in Minecraft.

Are you struggling to enable the Keep Inventory Command in Minecraft?

This is very frustrating for a player to lose all the inventory when you die in Minecraft

Don’t worry

We bring you the best ways to handle the Keep Inventory Command in Minecraft.

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Why can’t I turn on keep inventory in Minecraft?

The main reason you are not able to keep inventory is you have to make sure while you type the game rule at the end you select TRUE is you don’t select TRUE then is the cause of your command is not invoking.

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Does keep inventory work in the end? When you die in Minecraft do you lose everything?

In nether, there is no chance your tools/inventory is protected if you die over there all the inventory will disappear.

If you did not invoke Keep Inventory Command there no chance to save your tools all the tools will be lost when you die in Minecraft.

How do you get your stuff back after you die in Minecraft?

In order to have your Stuff back in Minecraft, you have to invoke Keep Inventory Command. This command only be used in worlds that are eligible for cheat codes

Should I turn on keep inventory in Minecraft? Is keep inventory cheating?

To turn on the Keep Inventory command, it’s totally on you how you like to play the game and if you are playing solo then there is no restriction: it’s upon you where you find more fun.

Keeping Inventory is considered cheating in Multiplayer but in solo it’s not, and that’s all on you if you want to keep inventory safe and whenever you die in Minecraft. The “Keep Inventory command” only invokes the world which is able to adopt Cheating codes.

In any random world, the cheating codes will not apply. To Apply cheat codes usefully follow the detailed solution down below

Video Guide: How to Keep Inventory Command in PC

How to Keep Inventory Command When You Die in Minecraft on Windows? Mac?

How do I enable keep inventory on my computer?

You have to create a world that will able to support cheats. This world easily will Keep Inventory Command and you able to have inventory even after you die in Minecraft.

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Open game menu
  3. Tap on Open to LANopen lan
  4. Go to “Allow Cheats” and toggle the button to “ON.”
  5. Tap on “Start LAN WorldHow To Keep Inventory Command
  6. Now you Able to use cheats

Minecraft LAN not working?

Now you have to change gamerule

  • Go to the ChatboxZ4heN1d
  • Type “/GamerulekeepInventory”
  • Select “True” In Chatbox
  • Press “Enter

Now your inventory is secure and if you die in Minecraft the inventory is secure.

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Keep Inventory When You Die in Minecraft(Pocket Edition) on [Android/iPhone]

In Android/iPhone, the solution/steps are the same. the only difference is in iPhone you have to download Minecraft from Appstore while in android you have to download the app from Playstore

  1. Open the Minecraft App 
  2. On the top click on the chat icon
  3. Type in chat “/gamerule keepInventory true” in Chatbox
  4. Press Enter now your Inventory is saved
  5. This will be available after you die in Minecraft
  6. Click Respawn When you die in Minecraft

Video Guide: How to Keep Inventory Command in Minecraft (Pocket Edition) on [Android/iPhone]

How do you keep inventory in Minecraft PS4? XBOX?

IN Xbox/PS4 they share absolutely the same Controls in Minecraft Game. Most of the controls are the same And the commands of Minecraft are Always the same on any device you play just versions might differ.

  1. Press on the D-Pad (right) on your Xbox/PS4 controller
  2. Type the rule
  3. /gamerule keepInventory true
  4. Now Enter

Video Guide: How to Keep Inventory Command in Minecraft PS4? XBOX?

Hope the how To Keep Inventory Command solutions work out for you!

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