Best Cooling Fans for Xbox Series X in 2024

The Xbox Series X overheating issues are one of the common reasons why the consoles won’t turn ON or keep shutting down abruptly. You can always try some instant fixes to overcome this issue, like hardware resetting Xbox X, but it’s still not a permanent fix. Therefore, it’s wise to get an external cooling fan for the Xbox Series X to experience stable gameplay.

The external cooling fans for Xbox Series X aid the airflow by attaching as an additional accessory to the exhaust vents. These cooling fans come in different shapes, sizes, and features, complementing your console’s overall look.

But with such a wide range of options, finding the right fan to save your Xbox from overheating is hard. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best cooling fans for the Xbox Series X to avoid overheating while maintaining stable gameplay.

1. Mviioe Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

Mviioe Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

The Moviioe Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X is like a dedicated dock for your gaming console that keeps it cool for hours with one large fan on the base that operates at a noise level below 25 decibels. This cooling stand is integrated with a dust-proof cooling fan to prevent the console’s vents from getting clogged with residue.

3 different fan adjustment modes run on 1800/ 1900/ 2000 RPM, and it operates with a very low noise of 20 decibels on average. Fan speed is indicated with orange, blue, and green colors. In addition to that, it comes with a cool LED strip tagged along with the fan’s boundaries to compliment the RGB style while gaming.

✅ Pros:

  1. Works as a stand and a cooling fan in one form factor.
  2. Stable and sturdy design.
  3. Extra USB ports.
  4. Superior cooling power with Turbo Fan Mode.


  1. Automatic control keeps the fan ON if the Xbox is ON in standby mode.
  2. The cooling fan air comes from four tiny holes in the corners.

2. MENEEA Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

MENEEA Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

This dust-proof cooling fan for the Xbox Series X by MENEEA also works as a dust cover to stop the residue and particles from clogging your console’s vents. The design fits like a glove on top of your Xbox Series X console and looks much like a pyramid with its cool triangular style.

This cooling fan works like an exhaust system that inhales the hot air from the cooling vents of your Series X console and releases right off underneath the triangular shaped dome. The fan operates in 3 different modes, which can be adjusted using the gear switch. You also get a cool LED light attached alongside the dome to match the RGB vibe while gaming.

✅ Pros:

  1. Super heat dissipation with dust cover to protect the vents.
  2. Adjustable fan speeds from 3 different modes.
  3. Includes anti-dust filters to cover vents of your console.
  4. Easy to install with the option to remove the triangular dust cover.


  1. Cooling is not very effective with the triangular cover on top.
  2. Does not include an instruction manual to set up the fan.

3. G-STORY Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

G-STORY Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

G-Story cooling fan for Xbox Series X is your complete automatic overheating solution while gaming for long hours. This external cooler for Xbox Series X is equipped with one giant fan that operates at 3 different speeds from 1500/1750/2000 RPM that adjust automatically depending on temperatures.

You can also manually set the fan speed if it’s not meeting the cooling pace with the console’s overheating. Another unique feature of this cooling fan for Xbox Series X is the temperature monitor that shows real-time temps of your Xbox console in Celsium and Fahrenheit. G-Story also designed some cool looking Xbox Series S cooling fans with the same automatic features and a design that fits like a glove.

✅ Pros:

  1. Easy to install and use.
  2. Automatic fan speed adjustment.
  3. Three different fan speed modes with manual adjustment.
  4. LED light color indicator for each fan speed mode.


  1. The fan does not shut down automatically when the console is in sleep mode.
  2. Only changes temperatures when they reach peak levels.

4. Luckit Vertical Cooling Charging Stand for Xbox Series X

Luckit Vertical Cooling Charging Stand for Xbox Series X

The Luckit Vertical Cooling Charging Stand for Xbox Series X is an all in one docking station with reliable cooling functionality to keep your console and accessories at optimum temperature. This dual charger docking station has two powerful fans cooling the console from underneath. You can toggle the ON/OFF switch to power the fan and there is an adjustable low and high fan speed adjustment option as well.

The dual power fans can rotate at 3500 and 5000 RPM speed levels that can be adjusted with a switch button, providing high efficiency and low noise level. This dual charger docking station has sufficient ports for your console’s accessories and it comes with a cool RGB LED light that shows the status at glance.

✅ Pros:

  1. All in one charger with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.
  2. Fits perfectly for your Xbox and easy to install.
  3. High efficiency and low noise fans.
  4. Adjusted fan speeds with ON/OFF switch.


  1. At high speed the fan can become a bit noisy.
  2. No grips to hold the Xbox stably on the dock’s surface.

5. arVin Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X Console Vertical Cooling Stand

arVin Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X Console Vertical Cooling Stand

Another useful option in our range of choices is the arVin Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X that comes with a vertical stand that also comes with two 1400mAh charging packs for your controllers. Moreover it has a dedicated stand for your headset and 4 powerful fans at the bottom to keep your Xbox Series X console cool for hours.

Each fan on the cooling stand rotates at a speed of 5500 RPM for efficient heat dissipation after long hours of gaming. The fan can be manually turned ON or OFF but there is not option to lower the fan speed which is a bit of a down side. In addition to that, you get two charging docks and USB-C and USB-A ports to charge anything separately.

✅ Pros:

  1. Efficient heat dissipation.
  2. Dedicated charging docks for controllers and comes with battery packs.
  3. Dedicated stand for your headset.
  4. Additional USB ports for charging and attachment.


  1. 4 fans get too loud on the 5500 RPM speed.
  2. No option to adjust the fan speed manually.


The airflow vents on Xbox Series X seem to suffer from a design flaw that affects the airflow direction for cooling effect. Dust particles and residue can easily get stuck in the air vents, causing them to overheat occasionally. But with the range of best cooling fans for Xbox Series X, we brought in this article, you can get an interruption-free gaming experience for hours.


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