How To Fix Low FPS When Gaming on Windows 11?

Are you experiencing low FPS on Windows 11?

Don’t worry about it!

The CPU Guide brings you the best working solution for Windows 11.

You just updated your windows 10 to windows 11 and you were experiencing the fps drop in your games?

Many Players who use PC For gaming and upgraded to Windows 11 complaining about the same thing happening to them. so you are not alone in this.

Windows 11 is the most anticipated Windows ever,

Windows 11 come with new modern features that make this  Windows super interesting. Windows 11 contains lots of productivity features that will enhance the user experience and enable office workers to do work on multiple tasks on one screen at the same time, that’s super cool though! Windows 11 is full of applications this time,

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In Windows 11 you will get a fully new Microsoft store experience, in the new Windows Microsoft store you will have access to the android apps, which will enable users to use android apps on their PCs and this will improve productivity by using android tools on your PC.

Windows 11 is not that different from Windows 10, The setting of Windows 11 is pretty similar to  Windows 10 settings, So if you are familiar with the Windows 10 settings it pretty easy to rectify any error you have in  Windows 11 due there a similarity,

However, the UI of Windows 11 is far better than Windows10, Windows 11 enable the user to gather all of his work on one platform plus provides entertainment with your mobile apps. A start-up sound is also a unique thing after windows 7 so let’s jump to the solution,

 Before heading to the solution lets answer some questions about low fps on Windows 11,  

Low FPS on gaming PC is due to multiple reasons. Like many people experiencing low on windows 11 right now which will be fixed in the next update plus you can try ur fixes which are detailedly discussed later in this the article
Why is my FPS so low when playing games?
Low FPS, while playing is due to the network lag or might be the outdated driver issue, both of these issues, are detailed discussed in detaily later on in this article.

Video Guide: How To Fix Low FPS When Gaming on Windows 11?

Solution 1: Keep your PC Updated to Fix Low FPS On Windows 11

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