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DesignEvo: Best Free Online Logo Maker

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Are you an entrepreneur and looking towards starting a new business?


You updated your business profile and with it, do you want to change the logo too?

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As you know that whenever you start a business whether it’s a small one or a huge one you have to show the customers your identity and a companies identity is its Logo that gets printed on cards, advertisements, banners, and so forth.

Also, you are well aware that nowadays hiring a professional designer is too costly especially if you are a blogger or trying to start a small business.

So, if you want a logo like Armani or Macdonalds and can identify your company by just looking at your logo from far then, we have a free logo-making platform for you that is DesignEvo.

DesignEvo is a free-to-use web and app-based logo-making platform specially designed for those people who can’t afford to hire professional graphic designers for their startups.

It has 10000+ logo templates, millions of qualified vector icons, 100+ attractive logo fonts, diverse shapes, and editing capabilities. If you are launching a game then you will find gaming logos, or ready to open a gym then sports & fitness logos, and looking to launch a fashion brand then fashion & beauty logos, then you will surely find something suitable here.

Also, DesignEvo is so easy to use that you don’t need those exceptional skills to make a logo as everything is in it from badges, decorations, lines, solid shapes, outlined shapes, banners, to a variety of colors.

With the help of DesignEvo, you will be able to make your fascinating in minutes but if you want to enjoy the extra perks of the platform then there’s a pricing plan mentioned below.

Let’s move on to the DesignEvo system requirements needed to make the logo.

Overview Of System Requirements

DesignEvo, the free logo design maker software can work only on macOS, Macbook.

Also, it comes with android and iOS platforms and you can download DesignEvo OS X 10.9.0 or later.

DesignEvo has 29M+ worldwide users, Almost 2.8M registered users, More than 10M logo downloads, and much more.

To enjoy these you need to have the below Other minimum hardware requirements:

  1. Intel processor that came after 2012.
  2. 720p display resolution or higher.
  3. 4GB RAM or higher.


Upcoming are some of the highlighted features of the DesignEvo:

Logo Templates

DesignEvo has 10,000+ logo templates, so if you don’t have any idea about how your logo should be then the Logo template feature helps you in making creative logos for your company.

You can select the templates category option where you will find templates according to your niche such as music, sports, technology, etc. Besides, if you are a beginner then, DesignEvo has some popular logo templates for you to start your design quickly.

You will also get to choose between a variety of themes for your logo such as modern, vintage, and many others. Also, if you like a random logo template then you have the option to mark it as your Favorite so, you can view it later in the future and work on it.

Logo Editor

Mostly free logo software does not give you the actual or you can say the real view when you preview your logo before publishing it but the DesignEvo guarantees that if you are looking to print your logo on a T-shirt, website, or corporate branding wall when you will see the preview version it would be the same when printed in real.

You can easily drag or drop images, text, or icons and can zoom in/out anytime you want. Also, you can undo if you have done any mistake while making the logo instead of erasing it all.

Logo Fonts

DesignEvo has over 100+ creative logo fonts for their users such as cabin, coda, concern one, and many more. Also, nowadays handwritten type fonts look too attractive and amazing when it comes to a logo so, you will have many script fonts such as Cabin sketch and cookie.

At last when it comes to styling your logo design then word art is there through which you can change the size, color, alignment, shadow, etc.

Cloud-Based Saving

The most important thing while making a logo is that it’s being saved as long as it’s in the process of making because you never know what gets into your system and your hard work will be gone if not saved side by side.

DesignEvo allows you to save your current logo to your account by just pressing the save button. Once the logo is saved you can view and edit any time or anywhere you want.

Moreover, your logo designs saved in the cloud are safe and secure as they would not be disclosed as DesignEvo guarantees security of the hard work and not to be stolen.

DesignEvo Pricing

As you know DesignEvo is free and you can download DesignEvo from their official website but the free version offers High-resolution files (JPG, PNG) up to 300px.

If you want some advanced features then there are 2 paid versions that DesignEvo offers.

And they are:

  • Basic: This comes with a price of $24.99 and it’s a one-time investment in which you will get unlimited edit and re-download logos, lifetime support, and much more.
  • PLUS: This comes with a price of $49.99 and it’s a one-time investment in which you will get High-resolution files up to 5000px, vector files, and copyright ownership.
designEvo pricing


After reviewing, the DesignEvo is an outstanding logo maker that is free and easy to use and guarantees privacy and security of the logos and DesignEvo can’t access it.

It’s so easy for you to use that if you have zero experience you can use the ready-made templates. Moreover, its support is very helpful as you will get FAQ and tutorial sections which will help when you if you have any questions regarding DesignEvo.

Also, there’s a live chat and email option if you have any issues with the software.

With the help of DesignEvo’s wide range of editing tools and fonts, you can create attractive logos and will help you save time and money.

Every software has cons and one of the main cons for DesignEvo is that it’s not on the Windows platform yet and if you want to use it on a mobile phone then, you need to be an expert at it because it’s difficult to use here.


  1. Is DesignEvo completely free?

    DesignEvo is not completely free as it has 2 paid versions with advanced features.

  2. Is DesignEvo legit?

    Yes, DesignEvo is completely legit software as it’s official software.

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