Spotify to launch on Roblox: Spotify Island

Spotify is about to enter the world of Roblox, get ready for a new era in music on gaming platforms.

Spotify announced that it will be the first music streaming brand to have its official presence on Roblox, with a new destination called Spotify Island.

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Spotify Island Features:

This place will feature an interactive world where players can play quests, unlock exclusive content, and buy artist merchandise.

The world itself consists of a central mainland surrounded by themed islands, which players can explore and interact in various ways. The worlds have a color palette centered around Spotify’s shades of green mixed in with orange & purple.

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spotify island

There’s also a play box in the upper-right corner of the world that shows off a Soundtrap track powered by Spotify. This one can be played or paused or skipped. Players who visit the new Spotify Island can collect hearts and unlock special items like glow sticks by playing sounds throughout the island.

An item store run by Spotify will offer exclusive branded merchandise that can be taken into other parts of Roblox as well as special merchandise created specifically for Roblox by artists. Artists keep the money from their own products when their merchandise is sold.   

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spotify island 2

Spotify’s vision for Roblox, the company said, is to spur creativity by encouraging players to introduce their own sounds, music, and movie-style set design when they visit the island. The first step in this process involves players creating their sounds at the company’s virtual music studio—which is powered by Soundtrap—while walking around a virtual “stage” area where they can interact with items like a confetti cannon and bubbles.

They also become performers in a sense, as they can interact with other visitors who are going through the same creation process. In time, more opportunities will be made available on the island, without going into specifics.

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spotify island

In the future, Spotify says it will add more virtual worlds focused on music and fandoms. The first of these will be K-Park, an homage to K-pop artists. The first two artists to build in this space are Stray Kids and Sunmi. Merch related to Stray Kids will be available now; Sunmi merchandise will become available in the coming weeks.

Despite the lack of virtual concert announcements with the announcement of the new Spotify Island experience in Roblox, fans can expect to see live concerts in the future. Spotify even released a Spotify Island playlist.

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