Ray Tracing Coming To Minecraft Or Not?

Hopes have been



and re-raised

too many times to count at this point.

There’s no doubt that Minecraft is one of the most endearing games of all time, and Microsoft clearly has a lot invested in it. The game has been through multiple updates.


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It continues to be a key fixture of modern gaming, with tens of millions of players around the world playing the game each month. But its enduring popularity isn’t enough to make up for the fact that its recent consoles releases have fallen behind the curve of available technology.


Despite being one of the best Xbox games of all time, Minecraft has yet to take advantage of the latest generation of video game hardware. Both Microsoft’s first-party titles, as well as a huge number of third-party games, have since been updated to work on the latest consoles.

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In March 2022, Microsoft accidentally rolled out an unoptimized version of Minecraft on the Xbox One X console with support for ray tracing. Then later in a tweet, Microsoft says it was just a mistake, and that it will be removed.

minecraft 1

Mojang Studio never wanted players to see the leaked build, and the state of the build made it clear that Minecraft ray-traced on Xbox Series X|S is still a work in progress. Mojang Studios can’t withdraw what has happened so far. That would be bad for business. It could even be true that there is no upgrade for Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S, but Mojang Studio isn’t sure about this, so we’ll take another look later on.

minecraft 1

Although, The company’s statement left open the possibility of bringing back the ray tracing feature in some form.


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