Top 10 Steam Deck Games You Must Play in 2024

Steam Deck is probably one of the best handheld gaming consoles that is still popular among the gaming community due to its extensive gaming library and the feasibility of playing them on the go. Now, if you’re someone who is looking to install an SD card in Steam Deck for downloading a wide variety of games, make sure to add the following to your list in 2024.

1. Hades

Supergiant Games’ Hades remains a standout title, even on the portable screen of the Steam Deck. Hades on Steam Deck offers a rogue-like dungeon crawler that boasts stunning visuals, tight gameplay mechanics, and an engaging narrative set in Greek mythology. Steam Deck’s controls translate smoothly to the game, allowing players to seamlessly dive into the fast-paced action while on the move.

2. Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece, Death Stranding, now with the enhanced Director’s Cut, offers a breathtaking experience on the Steam Deck. The game’s sprawling landscapes and nuanced storytelling shine even more with the Deck’s capable hardware, providing a mesmerizing journey for players seeking an immersive narrative adventure.

3. Psychonauts 2

Double Fine Productions’ Psychonauts 2 is a platformer that combines quirky humor, imaginative worlds, and compelling storytelling. The game’s vibrant visuals look stunning on the Deck’s display, and its gameplay mechanics make it a joy to play in handheld mode.

4. Resident Evil Village

For fans of horror, Resident Evil Village delivers an intense and chilling experience. The Steam Deck’s capabilities ensure that players can fully immerse themselves in the terrifying world of the game, making it an excellent choice for those seeking spine-tingling thrills on the go. Some of the players have reported Resident Evil Village crashing on Steam Deck issue, but it is solvable and you can get the best experience on Steam Deck for a game to play in 2024.

5. Forza Horizon 5

The beauty of the open world and the adrenaline-fueled racing action of Forza Horizon 5 translate exceptionally well to the Steam Deck. The game’s stunning visuals and responsive controls make it a top pick for racing enthusiasts looking for high-speed entertainment wherever they go. Due to its intense graphics and CPU-intensive optimization, some players have reported Forza Horizon 5 crashing on Steam Deck. Yet the game is worth playing on the handheld gaming console if you have set the right settings for it.

6. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

MMORPG fans have found a gem in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The Steam Deck’s portability allows players to dive into the vast world of Eorzea and experience the epic conclusion of the game’s storyline with impressive graphics and seamless gameplay. Final Fantasy XIV on Steam Deck still needs some optimization, but it’s worth playing if the settings are set right.

7. Elden Ring

FromSoftware’s highly anticipated action RPG, Elden Ring tops the list. Its sprawling open world, gripping combat, and intricate storytelling make it a perfect fit for the Steam Deck. Players can dive into this fantasy world seamlessly, enjoying its stunning visuals and challenging gameplay while playing Elden Ring on Steam Deck.

8. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V remains an evergreen choice for gamers, even years after its initial release. The intricate world of Los Santos, coupled with its compelling narrative and diverse gameplay, makes it a standout title for the Steam Deck. Whether you’re embarking on heists in single-player mode or diving into the chaotic world of GTA Online, the Steam Deck’s portability lets you experience the thrill of this iconic title anywhere. GTA V on Steam Deck is still worth playing in 2024, as we still have to wait a couple of years for the release of GTA VI across all platforms.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

Immerse yourself in the wild, untamed landscapes of the American frontier with Red Dead Redemption 2. This masterpiece from Rockstar Games combines stunning visuals, an emotional narrative, and vast open-world exploration. With the Steam Deck’s power at your fingertips, you can appreciate the breathtaking vistas and engage in gripping gunfights while on the move. RDR2 on Steam Deck gives you the immersive experience of enjoying the Wild West anywhere, anytime.

10. It Takes Two

This cooperative adventure from Hazelight Studios offers a heartfelt story and inventive gameplay mechanics. With the Steam Deck’s portability, players can team up with a friend locally or online, solving puzzles and navigating a charming world as two tiny dolls. It Takes Two on Steam Deck is one of the best co-op games you can play on Steam Deck in docked mode.


The best Steam Deck games for 2024 mentioned in this article include something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of single-player, co-op, or online multiplayer. With the power of a gaming PC in a handheld form factor, the Steam Deck has opened up a vast library of games for on-the-go enthusiasts. As we venture into 2024, the platform continues to expand, offering a rich array of titles that truly shine on this portable powerhouse.


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