Here’s why The Last of Us Part 1 PC Remake got Delayed

The Last of Us Part 1 is the most anticipated remake for PC, which has been rescheduled to release on 28th March. Find the reasons right here.

The Last of Us show is already making history on HBO by becoming one of the most popular adaptions of a game. Seeing this successful approach, the game developers Naughty Dog decided to make some amends to maintain the hype by announcing a delay via a Tweet mentioned below.

Now I understand that PC gamers lodge high hopes when a new game is about to release, especially when it comes to remakes. Therefore, I believe the game developers decided to make some quality assurances before releasing the final version of the game.

But did the game delayed merely due to improvements, or is it a marketing tact? In this article, The CPU Guide brings you updates on The Last of Us Part 1 PC remake and what to expect in terms of content from this release.

Reasons Why The Last of Us Part 1 is Delayed

After reading the comments and thoughts of the gaming community, I have concluded the following reasons why The Last of Us Part 1 is being delayed further.

Reason #1: Final Touchups

The main reason game developer Naughty Dog mentioned in their Tweet was that they needed more time to give some final touches to the game. I think it’s a good precautionary measure that can save it from becoming a flop.

A recent example can be seen from the Forspoken by Square Enix, which required a couple of patch updates after receiving some bad reviews for several flaws. Therefore, I believe it is better to delay the game and present a complete product rather than release an incomplete game that degrades the franchise’s reputation.

Reason #2: Is it a Marketing Tact?

I strongly believe that Naughty Dog has been playing a marketing tact over here since the success of The Last of Us series on HBO Max. The premier went a super hit, and The Last of Us sales for PlayStation 5 jumped by at least 200%. On the other hand, the game’s sales for PlayStation 4 jumped by approximately 300% ever since the premiere.

After looking at all these stats, I believe Naughty Dog is waiting till all 9 episodes of The Last of Us HBO series air so that they can grab more attention from the audience. The first season’s final episode is expected to air on Sunday, 12th March 2023. In comparison, the new date for the game’s release is 28th March, which seems like a perfect mark on the calendar to release the game after showing the story.

Reason #3: Content Updates

The Last of Us season 1 has introduced many new characters like Kathleen until now. The remake may be delayed probably because these characters are receiving a lot of attention from the audience. I observed many deviations when it came to the game vs. show difference.

Bill and Frank’s story from episode 3 was heavily discussed on many forums, making The Last of Us TV series an absolute hit. So, I think there could be a possibility that game developers might’ve decided to make some amends with the game’s storyline, which aligns more with the show.

What to Expect from The Last of Us Part 1 PC Remake?

The Last of Us Part 1 for PC will bring a new graphics experience by supporting 60FPS at 4K resolution and a wide range of modern features. The players can access difficulty modes to adjust their gameplay experience. In addition, there are many new game modes and accessibility options like improved photo mode.

The Last of Us Pre-Purchase Bonus Content

So if you’re already impressed with The Last of Us premier, you can pre-purchase the game right now on Steam and enjoy the following in-game content as a Bonus.

·         Bonus Supplements

The bonus supplements can help you with a variety of attributes, like increasing maximum health, crafting speed, enhancing healing power, improving listening distance, and enhancing weapon sway.

·         Bonus Weapon Parts

Bonus weapons are the real treat for an action survival game. With this in-game content, we can craft new weapon holsters and upgrade weapons while accessing the workbench.

Final Words

As the game developer claims they need more time to enhance the game’s quality, I can wait a couple more weeks. It is only an expectation, but if the Last of Us remake version adapts some series of events from the show, it would be an exciting experience. So, let’s wait until the end of March to see if all the delay was worth it.


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