Forspoken Patch Update 1.03: Improved Graphics Optimization

The second patch update for Forspoken brings improved graphics optimization and fixed technical issues. Read the patch update notes right here.

It’s been a while since Forspoken was released, and Square Enix has been listening to what the gamers have to say in their bad reviews. Forspoken was already feared to flop after receiving criticism and Day 1 patch update right after the release. This criticism was mostly aimed at poor graphics optimization, even after various delays.

However, the recently released new patch update shows that the game has brought some graphics-specific improvements. I feel like Luminous Productions has finally understood how the PC hardware works.

Compared to its outrageous PC requirements, I hope the latest patch update turns things to normal or better than expected. In this article, The CPU Guide brings you complete information on Forspoken version 1.03 patch update to share the newly improved gameplay experience with you.

What’s Fixed in the Forspoken Patch Update 1.03

The Forspoken version 1.03 patch update for PC is around 200MB in size and contains various improvements mentioned below.

Fixed Technical Issues

  • You can now delete the side-button setting for the 5-button mouse configuration.
  • The game will not crash on a specific GPU now. Although, Square Enix has not specified the name or brand of the GPU.
  • The flickering screen issue with certain Intel GPUs has been resolved.
  • Fixed the unintended noise issue for audio settings.
  • Adjusted screen resolution to 1280 x 800 for optimized UI experience on Steam Deck and help you save from Steam Deck screen issues.

Graphical Improvements and Adjustments

  • Updated graphics settings will allow capping the number of displayed NPCs at a low Model Detail Level.
  • Improved graphics for objects and environment featured in the New York map.

Updated Features

  • The game will now accept button input from the controller, which is being used even if multiple controllers are connected while playing the game on a PC.
  • The updated patch version will display on the game’s title screen.
  • The clickable area for the menu entries has been widened for accurate mouse inputs.

What Still Needs to be Fixed With Forspoken

Since it’s the second major update since the release, I expect an improved gameplay experience. However, many other issues were not addressed to be fixed in this new patch update v1.03. So let me discuss what still needs to be fixed to make Forspoken really what we were expecting before the release.

  • Frame pacing issues.
  • Settings to adjust the game’s textures.
  • Ray tracing improvements for the shadow’s quality.
  • Quality improvements for ambient occlusion effects.
  • System text should be implemented for all languages instead of English and Japanese only.

Final Words

At the release, I felt Forspoken was a poorly optimized car wreck that needed some serious remodeling before performing in full glory. However, the game managed to perform better even with some flaws, and I hope this new patch update will fix things for good, as I am excited to try the new version.


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