PlayStation Reveals limited-edition DualSense Controller For Hogwarts Legacy Fans

PlayStation has announced the release of a limited-edition DualSense controller to celebrate the arrival of Hogwarts Legacy. The game officially launches on February 10, but those who have acquired the deluxe edition can enjoy early access right now.

Please note that the special Hogwarts Legacy PS5 controller is only available to purchase for fans in the US and UK. To secure their order, you can visit the PlayStation Direct website.

The limited-edition black DualSense controller features a design of Hogwarts in gold, surrounded by intricate patterns of Ancient Magic. The design team considered putting elements such as the different Hogwarts houses, magic wands, creatures, and the sorting hat, but ultimately decided to concentrate on the “star of the game“, according to Art Director Jeff Bunker

Pre-orders for the controller will commence at 10 AM PT on February 10, and 10 AM GMT in the UK, however, the STOCK IS LIMITED. As per the PlayStation Blog, the Hogwarts Legacy DualSense controller will be released in the UK on February 10, while US users will have to wait until February 28 for its availability

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Also Hogwarts Legacy won’t be all about combat as players will be able to enjoy the soundtracks and change the appearance of their character and much more

So, if you haven’t pre-ordered yet then Hurry UPPPP!!

The game will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on February 10, PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, and Switch on July 25.

So hurry up and Pre-Order now on PlayStation.

hogwarts legacy

And if you have an Xbox Series X/S:

Hogwarts Legacy xbox

And if you want to play on PC then pre-order now on the Steam store or Epic

Do let us know how much excited are you about Hogwarts Legacy in the comments section below


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