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The Last of Us episode 3 seemed much diverted from the game, yet it was better than we expected. Let us take an overview of the series of events.

The Last of Us episode 3 focuses more on Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank’s (Murray Bartlett) story than the main characters, Joel and Ellie. Compared to episode 2, this chapter focuses more on the importance of companionship than wild action and zombie slaying.

The first two episodes of the last of us maintained hype, which has lived up to episode 3. The new episode reveals more of a caring and loving tale of Bill and Frank, which seems pretty deviated from the original storyline of The Last of Us Part 1.

Episode 3 is more about the importance of companionship in hard times. I was not expecting such a different ending in the show compared to the game. Bill and Frank play a minor role in the game, which is extensively portrayed in HBO‘s Last of Us series. The CPU Guide here summarizes how The Last of Us Episode 3 adds to the storyline of characters from the game.

Bill and Frank’s Storyline

I always remember that Neil Druckmann contributed to the show’s storyline, but he clearly stated that The Last of Us TV series would be more focused on cinematics rather than combat action.

I’d say the game did a pretty good job with the storyline, as Naughty Dog balanced the action and the emotional story for all.

Bill and Frank from The Last of Us Part 1 (Game)

Bill’s character in the game is much like Joel’s. In the game, Bill has lost everything and is living the life of a lone survivor by keeping himself barred from the rest of the world. From the psychological aspect, Bill thinks the same way Joel does, cold, distant, and hateful towards the world.

Bill from The Last of Us Part 1

In the game, Joel and Ellie seek protection from Bill, to which he agrees after setting off some traps and security measures. While settling in Joel and Ellie, Bill mentions that he had someone special to look after Frank.

I learned from events in the game that Bill and his partner Frank broke up. Frank is surviving on his own in the deadliest pandemic while he leaves Bill broken up, tearing Bill’s emotions apart. Hence, he chose to close himself in a safe house, away from the rest of the world.

Very soon in the game’s storyline, I found Frank’s letter at Bill’s house with a heartbreaking message that’s featured below.

Frank's Suicide Note from The Last of Us Part 1

Frank mentioned in his last words that getting infected was better than staying with Bill.

I was deeply impacted by all these events in the game, which are even more emotional in The Last of Us series.

Bill and Frank from The Last of Us Episode 3

HBO brought a bit of a change to what exactly happened between Bill and Frank. Frank stuck into one of the traps set by Bill, and that’s how they both met for the first time, but their meeting was dramatic, and so was the ending. In the show, I realized that Bill’s character was the same grumpy and hateful as in the game.

Bill from The Last of Us TV Show

However, after meeting Frank, things start to melt for Bill, and the plot turns into something written in a romantic book by Nicholas Sparks rather than a post-apocalyptic survival dance.

The loving story between Frank and Bill continues over the years in the show, where Frank welcomes Ellie and Joel to share the resources. On the other hand, Bill’s character is a lot more reserved, portraying a selfish act of protecting himself and Frank rather than the outsiders like Joel and Ellie.

The show takes a different path instead of causing a breakup event between Bill and Frank. The show focuses on the companionship and bondage of two people, impacting Joel’s importance in sticking together in challenging times.

Approaching the end of the episode, I learned that Frank is dying from an incurable disease that has nothing to do with the Cordyceps virus. During the whole episode, Frank’s illness is vastly portrayed, featuring sitting in a wheelchair with muscle stiffness.

So, I guess he is talking about cancer and insists on passing away with no pain. In the end, Frank requests to spend one perfect day with Bill before committing suicide by crushing his pills and gulping them all at once to die peacefully like he wishes to.

However, the storyline dramatically turns when Bill mixes the medicine in the whole wine button and shares it with Frank. This scene indicates that they’ll both share the same fate in the end, from living together to dying together, leaving a suicide note for Joel.

Frank and Bill’s relationship strongly impacts Joel and his perspective toward the world. The suicide note lets by Bill portrays a beautiful message that all is not lost and there is still hope for Joel in this cruel, miserable, and apocalyptic world.

The Last of US Episode 3 Game VS The Show

Now that we have portrayed how Bill and Frank’s story was presented in the game and the show, let me enlist the major differences that I’ve concluded from both the game and the TV show.

  • There was a suicide note involved in both scenes. However, in the game, the suicide note was from Frank for Bill. In the game, the suicide note was from Bill for Joel.
  • In the game’s storyline, Bill remains alive while Frank commits suicide. In the show, both Bill and Frank commit suicide at the same time by drinking poisonous wine mixed with crushed pills.
  • In the show, Frank wanted to commit suicide because of his uncurable illness. In the game, Frank left Bill to survive and meet his fate, which seems like a breakup.
  • The suicide note from the game was specifically for Bill, which stated how much Frank hated bill with time. On the other hand, the suicide note in the show mentioned “whomever, but probably Joel,” stating that people like him and Joel are supposed to protect the world without getting their emotions in the way.

Final Words

My final words on the show’s storyline adaption of the game seem much more deviated but sweeter than what I experienced while playing the game. HBO did an amazing job by portraying a larger piece of the story about Frank and Bill. I expect better from the upcoming episodes in the season. I hope the hype and suspense remain worth it till the next Sunday.


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