The Expanse A Telltale Series Error CE-100096-6 on PS5?

The Expanse A Telltale Series is an exciting game/app that many PlayStation 5 (PS5) users enjoy playing. However, at times, users may encounter frustrating errors preventing them from starting the game/app.

Two common errors are 100096-6 and CE-107891-6. In this article, we will explore some simple solutions to these errors, aimed at helping 12-year-olds and other players get back to enjoying The Expanse A Telltale Series on their PS5.

By following the suggested steps, players can troubleshoot and resolve these issues, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Solution 1: Update Your PS5 Firmware

Sony releases new updates regularly to remain up-to-date with upcoming bugs and issues users face either while playing The Expanse A Telltale Series or some random bugs.

It’s highly recommended to have updated PS5 firmware. You can enable automatic updates and check for them manually as well.

There are 2 ways to update PS5 firmware:

  1. Through USB
    This way you would need to download the update over the internet into a USB which is an inconvenient way than PlayStation updating itself.
  2. Through Internet
    PlayStation searches for an update itself, downloads it, and installs it for you.

By default, automatic updates are enabled, and in case you are not sure, here’s how you can check if there’s a new update available and how to enable automatic updates on PS5 too using PS5 UI.

NOTE: Make sure the PS5 is connected to the internet.

  1. From the PS5 homepage, access Settings from the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2.  Go to System
  3. Click on System Software from the left menu and choose the second option: System Software Update and Settings
  4. From the 2 options, select Update Using Internet.
  5. Now, wait for the system to check for updates and if it’s updating don’t try to turn off your PS5. In this case, the PS5 was already up-to-date.
5 steps to Update Your PS5 Firmware

Your PS5 should be with its latest update by now, and you can try running The Expanse A Telltale Series to see if it’s still can’t start app.

And if you want a video guide, here’s a quick video to update your PS5:

Solution 2: Delete and Reinstall The Expanse A Telltale Series

The game file itself can be a suspected issue too and we can only know by deleting and reinstalling it. You’d have to sacrifice your time and internet speed for a while but let’s hope you resolve The Expanse A Telltale Series after this.

To reinstall The Expanse A Telltale Series, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to PS5 settings.
  2. Scroll down to Select Storage.
    storage ps5
  3. Then select Console storage from the left sidebar and go to Games and Apps in the expanded menu.
    console storage games and apps
  4. Now you will see a list of installed games and applications where you will select The Expanse A Telltale Series from the game list and press the Delete button at the bottom right.
    delete The Expanse A Telltale Series on ps5
  5. Once your game is deleted, you need to reinstall it. If it’s a disc you own, you would directly insert it, else if you have purchased a digital edition, you need to go to Game Library (last option) from the Games home screengame library home page ps5
  6. Select Your Collection from the three options under Game Library to search for your game and download it.
    your collection games in ps5 game library

Some options can be difficult to navigate, so we have created a video for your ease where we delete a game and reinstall it.

Solution 3: Restart PlayStation 5

Whenever you encounter error CE-107891-6 on The Expanse A Telltale Series or even if it’s a game bug/glitch, you should try restarting your PS5.


Restarting the console will eliminate any temporary errors/glitches occurring due to the old/corrupted cache.

So, here is how you can restart your PS5:

  1. Press the PlayStation (PS) button on your controller.
    PS button on PS5
  2. From the menu shown, Select the Power option (right-most)
  3. From the small menu that will appear on the power icon, select the last option “Restart PS5
    restart ps5 dialog to fix  on The Expanse A Telltale Series
  4. While your PS5 restarts, don’t unplug any cord to avoid any hardware failure.
    Restarting PS5 Screen to fix

Here’s a supporting video to restart PS5 for your ease:

Solution 4: Contact PlayStation 5 Support

If none of the above solutions work for you then there might be a chance that your PS5 has issues.

You can visit the PlayStation Official Website to get it repaired and choose the relevant issue which in your case would be according to error 100096-6.

image 106

Make sure you tell all the solutions you have applied to your console and let them know the issue you are facing is due to The Expanse A Telltale Series. This will help the support agent to identify the main reason for this error. They should reply to you ideally within 24 hours and if you don’t get any reply within 2-3 days, then you might need to make another support ticket.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, encountering errors like 100096-6 and CE-107891-6 can be frustrating for players eager to dive into The Expanse A Telltale Series on their PS5.

However, with the suggested solutions discussed in this article, restarting the console, updating firmware, deleting and reinstalling the game, or seeking assistance from console support can help resolve these issues. It’s important to remember that technical hiccups are a normal part of gaming, and by following the troubleshooting steps outlined here, players can overcome these obstacles and get back to enjoying their gaming experience.

So don’t let these errors discourage you, young gamers! Apply the provided solutions and embark on an exciting journey through The Expanse A Telltale Series on your PS5.


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