Hogwarts Legacy VR Mod: Dream of Many Coming True

Harry Potter fans have eagerly awaited an immersive experience like the one that Hogwarts Legacy offers. The VR mod of the game promises to bring their dreams to life even more. The official launch of Hogwarts Legacy is on February 10, but the game by Avalanche has already gained a massive following on all three platforms, and this is expected to increase even more once the VR mod will be there

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The Flat2VR team has yet to announce a release date for their VR mod of Hogwarts Legacy, but they have shot a video to provide a comprehensive overview of its features in a 10-minute demonstration. The mod enables players to play in both first-person and third-person modes, and this functionality extends even to the cutscenes in the game

Despite the widespread popularity of Hogwarts Legacy, the game has faced some controversies. Some fans are having a difficult time accepting the transphobic views of J.K. Rowling and the role-playing game created by Avalanche. In fact, even one of the developers has chosen not to purchase the game.

The modding community for Hogwarts Legacy is growing, with an unofficial VR mode in development. As a result, the game is likely to have a significantly different appearance a year from now.

Also Hogwarts Legacy won’t be all about combat as players will be able to enjoy the soundtracks and change the appearance of your character and much more

So, if you haven’t pre-ordered yet then Hurry UPPPP!!

The game will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on February 10, PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, and Switch on July 25.

So hurry up and Pre-Order now on PlayStation.

hogwarts legacy

And if you have an Xbox Series X/S:

Hogwarts Legacy xbox

And if you want to play on PC then pre-order now on the Steam store or Epic

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