Best Controllers for Asus ROG Ally (100% Compatible)

Are you looking to enjoy the best handheld gaming in docked mode? Here are the top 5 controllers for Asus ROG Ally.

A gaming controller is probably the first thing that pops up when we talk about gaming in general. And why not? Since a controller offers the best gaming experience whether you’re a PC or a console gamer.

Especially with handheld gaming consoles like the Asus ROG Ally, you can connect up to 4 controllers. This compatibility works even if you dock ROG Ally to an external monitor. Hence, we have brought you a range of choices with the best controllers for Asus ROG Ally, which are totally compatible with this console.

1. ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro

ROG Raikiri Pro

The first on our list is the controller, specially made for ROG Ally. The Asus ROG Raikiri Pro is the best controller for Asus ROG Ally, which recently hit the market with its true-to-core ROG LED setup and cool skin. Plus, it gives you up to 48 hours of non-stop gaming battery life, so we have placed ROG Raikiri Pro on our list.

We chose this controller for ROG Ally because it has an identical outlook to an Xbox Series X or Elite 2 Controller. Moreover, the button mapping is similar to the Asus ROG Ally’s button setup but with 2 additional macro buttons. Besides the cool-looking skin and RGB lighting, this controller has tri-mode connectivity, and you can pair it just like connecting the Xbox Elite controller with Asus ROG Ally.

2. SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeries Stratus Duo

SteelSeries Stratus Duo is one of the most compatible gaming controllers on the market. This controller is supportable on various devices, including the Asus ROG Ally. This truly wireless gaming controller has a battery life of over 20 hours.

We chose SteelSeries for Asus ROG Ally because of its ergonomic design and seamless pairing. ROG Ally’s Windows 11 operating system makes it compatible with almost everything that works with a PC. With 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, this controller is pair and play step away from being your next favorite accessory for ROG Ally.

3. Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

The Xbox Elite Controller 2 is currently the best on the market by Microsoft Xbox. Like the ROG Raikiri Pro in the list, this controller is pretty much the same shape and size. This controller is the direct competitor to PlayStation’s DualSense controller as it offers various customization options.

Playing with this controller feels like it reads your mind while gaming. The variable trigger press locks and thumb sticks give you a more personalized feeling. This controller is compatible with Windows PCs. Thus, it can seamlessly pair with ROG Ally without any issues. With software like Handheld Companion for ROG Ally, you can get the best this controller for personalized customization.

4. 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g

8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g

If you are not into using the typical Xbox Controllers, this might be a good alternative. The 8BitDo Ultimate 2.4g wireless controller has the identical outlook of an Xbox controller with its triggers and button mapping design. This controller can be perfect for Asus ROG Ally since it also has the same 2 macro buttons on the back as the console’s original.

8BitDo has its battery charging dock, so you don’t have to worry about swapping those battery cells like magazines out of a pistol. The only downside is the battery life of 8BitDo, which lasts about 15 hours only. Although for the price, this controller is pretty good, and you get a lot of customization options with it too.

Final Words

Wireless controllers for Asus ROG Ally make it more compatible to get the best of multiplayer and co-op gaming on the go. ROG Ally lets you connect up to 4 controllers simultaneously, and obviously, you will need more devices for that. This article’s range of controllers would surely give you the best experience on Asus ROG Ally.


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