5 Best Online Text Summarizing Tools of 2024

Summarizing lengthy paragraphs in just a few sentences and words is a challenging job since you have to concise everything without missing out on any important piece of information. Such a challenge can be faced when you are doing precis writing, producing descriptions for content, or writing conclusions for

An online text summarizer offers you a quick and easy solution to make your content concise with just a click of a button. Text summarizing tools work like an AI writing chatbot that helps to reduce the number of characters and words while maintaining the originality of the context.

However, with the range of text summarizers available online, it is challenging to find the right one that contains all the necessary features and is easy to use. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 5 best online Text Summarizing Tools to make your content concise and straightforward.

Things to Check Before Choosing a Text Summarizing Tools

Before choosing an online text summarizing tool, make sure to check the following options of features in that tool.


Look for tools that maintain the original content’s essence and coherence while delivering concise summaries. The context should remain the same, while the word count can be reduced to a lesser number of words or characters.


Opt for tools that allow adjustments to the summary length and level of detail. There should be an option to adjust the length of the summarized text in the form of words, numbers, or characters.

Ease of Use

User-friendly interfaces and seamless integration with browsers or platforms enhance the overall experience. The user experience should be well-optimized for both mobile and desktop users alike.


The accessibility for a text summarizing tool should be free, at least to a limit of words or characters to use. Even if the tool is paid, there should be leverage of a free trial or word limit to access.

1. TextCompactor


TextCompactor uses advanced algorithms to make text concise while preserving the essence of the original content. It allows users to specify the desired summary length, making it suitable for creating succinct summaries tailored to specific requirements.

✅ Pros:

  1. Utilizes advanced algorithms to maintain content essence.
  2. Customizable summary length for specific requirements.
  3. Efficiently condenses text while preserving the original meaning.


  1. Limited language support compared to some other tools.
  2. May face challenges with highly technical or domain-specific content.

2. Resoomer


Ideal for students and researchers, Resoomer offers an intuitive platform to summarize text efficiently. This text summarizing tool allows users to extract key information from lengthy documents, websites, or online articles. Additionally, Resoomer provides a Chrome extension for seamless summarization while browsing the internet.

✅ Pros:

  1. Intuitive platform suitable for students and researchers.
  2. Chrome extension for summarization while browsing.
  3. Efficient summarization of documents and online articles.


  1. May struggle with very lengthy texts or complex language structures.
  2. Limited language support compared to some other tools.

3. SMMRY Text Summarizer

SMMRY online Summarizing Tool

SMMRY stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness as an online text summarizing tool. Users can adjust the summary length based on the desired level of detail, making it suitable for various contexts. It emphasizes essential sentences within the text and delivers coherent summaries while preserving the original meaning.

✅ Pros:

  1. Simple and straightforward interface.
  2. Adjustable summary length for tailored summaries.
  3. Emphasizes key sentences, maintaining original content’s meaning.


  1. Might overlook essential details in longer texts.
  2. Some users may find the summary length customization options limiting.

4. QuillBot Text Summarizing Tool

Quillbot Text Summarizer

QuillBot is not only a text summarizing tool but also a powerful writing assistant. Due to its name, some users may mistake it for an AI chatbot assistant. However, it actually provides a complete suite of writing tools. With its paraphrasing and text summarizer features, users can rephrase and condense text while maintaining the original context. Its interactive interface allows for real-time adjustments to the summary’s length and complexity.

✅ Pros:

  1. Offers paraphrasing and summarizing features for enhanced content modification.
  2. Real-time adjustments for summary length and complexity.
  3. Helpful for both summarization and writing assistance.


  1. Requires internet access for use.
  2. The free version has limitations in terms of features and length of text that can be summarized.

5. SummarizeThis

SummarizeThis Online Text Summarizing Tool

SummarizeThis is a user-friendly tool that accepts various input formats such as URLs, text, or documents. This online text summarizer provides concise summaries, highlighting the main points and essential details while preventing copying in documents. The tool’s simplicity makes it accessible for individuals seeking quick and accurate summarization.

✅ Pros:

  1. User-friendly tool with various input format support.
  2. Provides concise summaries highlighting main points.
  3. Quick and accurate summarization.


  1. Limited customization options for summary length and depth.
  2. Might struggle with very technical or specialized content.


Online summarizing tools have revolutionized the way we process information, enabling us to extract crucial details efficiently. These tools make it easier for writers, bloggers, and students to compile information in a straightforward format. When choosing a tool, consider your specific requirements, the type of content you need summarized, and the level of customization desired.


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