Top 5 AI Essay Writing Chatbots

Essay writing requires a combination of creativity and grammatical accuracy that decides your English proficiency skills. In the age of automation, a wide range of tools covers the need for English knowledge and creativity. So, which tools are the best for essay writing?

This technology-driven era brings us the Artificial Intelligence enabled chatbots widely used by many writers, marketers, and professionals looking to generate formal letters. These automated essay writing chatbots make it easier for you to write creative and unique essays without plagiarism.

However, with the wide range of choices, it is challenging to find the right tool that provides you with a complete set of essay writing services. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 5 AI essay writing chatbots that will make it easier for you to write quality essays without repetition or plagiarism.

Essential Features of AI Essay Writing Chatbots

Here, we have discussed some properties of AI essay writing chatbots that are essential to look for before choosing the right one.

Context Awareness

The ability to maintain context throughout a conversation is crucial for effective communication. AI Essay Writing Chatbots should remember previous interactions within a conversation to provide relevant and coherent responses.

Personalization and User Profiling

Efficeint AI Essay Writing Chatbots can personalize interactions based on user preferences, history, and behavior. User profiling allows the bot to offer tailored responses and recommendations.

Multi-turn Dialogue

The AI Essay Writing chabot should be capable of handling multi-turn conversations, allowing users to engage in back-and-forth exchanges rather than just one-off queries or commands.

Response Generation

AI Essay Writing Chatbots should be able to generate meaningful and contextually appropriate responses to user queries or prompts. This often involves using machine learning algorithms to generate text based on learned patterns.

Integration and Compatibility

Integration with various platforms, databases, or APIs allows the AI Essay Writing Chatbots to access and retrieve information, making it more functional and versatile. Compatibility with multiple devices or messaging platforms also enhances accessibility.

Learning and Adaptation

The ability to learn from interactions and adapt to new information or changes in user behavior over time. This includes continuous improvement through machine learning and user feedback.

Now that we have understood the essential features of an AI chatbot, let us share the 5 best AI Essay Writing Chatbots that can server as handy writing applications to enhance your creativity.

1. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is a comprehensive AI-powered writing assistant designed to help writers improve their work by identifying grammar mistakes, enhancing style, providing readability suggestions, and offering in-depth reports to polish the overall quality of writing. Here is a detailed review of ProWritingAid, highlighting its pros and cons.

✅ Pros:

  1. Comprehensive Writing Assistance: ProWritingAid offers a wide array of features that cover various aspects of writing, including grammar, spelling, style, readability, and structure.
  2. Grammar and Style Checks: The tool detects grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, spelling issues, and inconsistencies in writing style.
  3. Grammar and Style Checks: The tool detects grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, spelling issues, and inconsistencies in writing style.
  4. Integrations and Compatibility: ProWritingAid integrates with various writing platforms and software, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and more.


  1. Limitations in Free Version: While the free version offers many functionalities, it has limitations compared to the premium version.
  2. Performance and Speed: Occasionally, the tool may experience performance issues or slowdowns.

2. ChatGPT (by OpenAI)

Open AI ChatGPT

ChatGPT, built on the GPT-3 architecture, offers conversational abilities and can assist in generating essay-like content. Its strength lies in understanding prompts and generating relevant text. It can structure ideas logically and produce coherent essays on various topics. The effectiveness of ChatGPT for essay writing depends on the platform implementing it and how well it’s trained for this specific task.

✅ Pros:

  1. Conversational Abilities: Can generate essay-like content and structure ideas coherently based on prompts.
  2. Contextual Understanding: Understands context and generates relevant text.
  3. Ease of Use: User-friendly interface for generating text based on given prompts.


  1. Implementation Dependency: Effectiveness varies based on the specific implementation by platforms.
  2. Quality Variability: Output quality might fluctuate based on the training data and usage.

3. EssayBot


EssayBot is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help with essay writing tasks. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to understand topics and generate content based on provided prompts. It can offer assistance in crafting essays, suggesting content, and providing writing styles. However, the content it generates may sometimes be generic and require more in specific details to meet specific requirements.

✅ Pros:

  1. Writing Assistance: Helps in generating essay content based on prompts.
  2. Various Writing Styles: Offers multiple writing styles for diverse requirements.
  3. Machine Learning Assistance: Utilizes machine learning algorithms for content creation.


  1. Generic Output: Output might be generic and require additional refinement.
  2. Lack of Specificity: May not provide highly tailored or specific content without additional guidance.

4. AI-Writer


AI-Writer is an AI-powered writing tool that assists in generating essays, articles, and other content. It uses algorithms to understand user input and provide suggestions. AI-Writer offers features like paraphrasing and rephrasing sentences to create original content. While it can be a useful aid for essay writing, the quality of the output might need manual refinement.

✅ Pros:

  1. Content Generation: Assists in creating essays, articles, etc., based on user input.
  2. Paraphrasing Capabilities: Offers features for paraphrasing and rephrasing to create original content.
  3. Algorithmic Suggestions: Provides suggestions based on machine learning algorithms.


  1. Manual refinement Needed: Output might require manual improvement for higher quality.
  2. Context Sensitivity: Performance may vary based on the context and prompts provided.

5. Scrivener


Scrivener is a powerful and versatile software designed for writers, researchers, academics, and professionals who handle complex writing projects. It stands out for its exceptional organizational features and flexibility, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to assist in planning, structuring, and drafting various forms of written work, including essays, novels, theses, and more.

✅ Pros:

  1. Project Organization: It excels in managing large writing projects, allowing writers to break down their work into smaller
  2. Flexibility in Writing: Its non-linear writing approach caters to various writing styles and preferences.
  3. Research Integration: Keeping all research materials, notes, and drafts within the same interface.
  4. Compatibility and Export Options: It supports various file formats and offers export options suitable for final drafts.


  1. Learning Curve: Scrivener has a relatively steep learning curve, especially for users accustomed to more straightforward word processors.
  2. Limited Collaboration Features: While it allows for project sharing, collaboration features are relatively limited compared to dedicated collaboration tools.


AI Essay Writing Chatbots save time and effort by giving you a head start with complete writing assistance. These tools are useful for anyone who wants reliable writing assistance for writing unique, creative, and quality essays. Whether you want to write fictional content or an essay on a historical topic, our range of 5 best AI essay writing chatbots will provide you with complete assistance.


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