Xbox Cloud Gaming Now Supports Steam Deck!

The Valve Steam Deck is a portable gaming device that lets gamers take their Steam games with them wherever they go.

But now you can play games apart from steam’s library.

Isn’t this cool?

Be excited!

Microsoft and Valve have worked together to bring Xbox Cloud Streaming to the Steam Deck, so gamers can now access the entire Xbox Game Pass catalog without having to hock up to their handheld controls.

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Microsoft has released a beta version of Microsoft Edge for the Steam Deck that includes full support for Xbox Cloud Gaming and allows users to play games using just their Steam Deck controls. Though Microsoft previously added support for native games on the Steam Deck, users can now stream titles from their Xbox Game Pass library using the device’s new browser.

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To play a game from there, you need to first make a few changes. Steps are provided on the support page and on the official Microsoft Edge Reddit community. It’s not very complex, Microsoft has illustrated each step of the process. Yes, there is some command line work involved, but it’s not too difficult.

We have also simplified the steps, if you want to check click on the link below!

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Microsoft is expanding its Xbox Cloud Gaming feature to other platforms, letting non-Xbox owners experience Xbox games.

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I think that this is amazing, People can try cloud gaming on any platform now.

What do you think about this?

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