Nintendo Switch Games For Kids

Nintendo has a well-deserved reputation for producing games that are not just kids friendly and intriguing for them but also adult eye-catching.

Nintendo has created some of the greatest animations of all time. This quality has made it the most appropriate console for kids.

Developers have been conscious enough to revolve around a particular nonviolent theme for their little audience. In the end, it’s up to you which game suits your child’s interest.

Feel free to give a demo of all the games mentioned below to explore your child’s style.

Note: rating are all according to Entertainment Software Rating Board ESRB

Without delays, let’s discover the happy kid world!


Luigi’s Mansion 3

It is the most appraised and well-animated game of 2019, became the center of attention after its release as many did not expect the great quality.

Great interaction and storytelling has lifted the voices of praise. Luigi and his team are invited to stay at a mansion, the buddies get captured.

He alone starts the mission to fight against king boo to reunite with his team. The game is a package of comedy, cartoons, horrors, and challenges. It would be a great play with parents and kids.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is one game I would recommend to every parent who has kids. Such a colorful and interesting, peaceful game that has tons to offer.

It’s a complete family game where you can easily leave your kids alone to enjoy. A little sneak peek is you can customize your island with innovative freedom to grow plants, and build a museum. The game feels fresh all the time.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Each and everyone who owns a switch has a Mario kart as their immediate choice, no wonder why millennials still remember it.

The game offers more and more and keeps on becoming competitive. The nongamers also enjoy it till date. Mario Kart has amazing tracks, plenty of cars, and never-ending fun.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Rayman Legends

Rayman is a blast on its own with a colorful and captivating theme. It is enjoyable by not only single players but up to 4 people can enjoy together in a team.

Kids of all ages will have fun with the magical graphics and amazing soundtracks.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+


Unravel Two

Unravel is a deeply rooted concept for kids where they have to take forward the puzzling game with two Yanni’s.

Interesting characters that are made of thread. Both the characters are made up of positive energy and require both of them to work together to complete tasks. Giving away exciting messages of collaboration and teamwork.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Aladdin and The Lion King

The most memorable and iconic tales of all time not only for kids but the story is engraved in mature minds as well. The games allow young boisterous kids to re-live both stories.

The difference is to not just watch it but be a part of it. The first part takes you through Aladdin and the second part is all about Simba and his adventurous journey.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Go Vacation

On Go vacation, you get to live on a paradise island with your family and friends. The best thing any game can offer is the customization of personals to make it more “you”.

Creates a special bond between the game and your child. Kids get to explore the island through various means. Challenges are assigned each day to engage the minds better.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


World Quiz

Parents always wish to provide a quality time for kids where learning is embedded in the fun.

Are you looking for a similar game?

Yes, you have found it. The world quiz carries unlimited questions for learning.

Kids will learn about food, literature, history, sports, and anything you can think of. It’s a great family play. I encourage you to incorporate this game as family time.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Giganotosaurus The Game

Kids love dinosaurs, they are huge, aren’t they?

How about experiencing and controlling the voyage of your favorite creature? This game allows your kid to experience leadership skills at a very early age.

You can even accompany other dinosaur friends to dodge the worry of extinction. It’s full of adventure, many little games are present inside this one game. You will enjoy this one.

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Paw Patrol On A Roll

Kids love puppies. I bet your child adores one too. It’s a rescue mission in which little puppies save the day by completing different tasks. Your kid will be amazed by the different abilities of each puppy that can be used to save your friends.

There are a total of 8 locations where adventures are carried out by these highly capable puppies. You will thoroughly enjoy it!

ESRB Rating: Everyone

I hope now you know which game is best for your kids.

Let me know in the comment section which game you liked!

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