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Dating on Discord? Where to Find Dating Channels? [TOP 5]

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Dating on Discord might seem like a clickbait headline…

But, it’s not!

It’s actually happening!

Users love discord for many reasons and all the right reasons too.

And Discord Channels have been serving all kinds of things to users!

Name a topic of interest and there is a Discord channel for it!

But, Are Dating Servers allowed on Discord?

With strict guidelines, such channels are hard to survive and Discord’s director of Trust and Safety, Sean Li, says underage dating channels are against company policy.

Such servers are not allowed and get banned as soon as they get to know about it as it gets nearly impossible with such a user base to track everything.

What do you need to get started?

Well, you guessed it!

A discord account and a channel link!

If you don’t already have a Discord account, then it’s fairly simple to create one.

All you need is to go to and sign up. You can also download the Android/iOS app and sign up from there.

Next, comes a channel according to your taste!

Where to Find Discord Dating Channels?

Humans love when they meet with someone or a group with similar interests, and it feels like a hideaway from reality.

And, humans usually don’t like to live alone!

We are built to have someone around us and seek relationships.

Discord provides every other thing on their channels and provides you with this too.

Following are 2 websites that list all the Discord Servers available for dating.

  2. Disboard

You can search servers according to your region and liking over here.

We have found 5 channels that are considered the best in dating:

5 Best Discord Dating Channels with Links

1. Datecord

Dating on Discord? Where to Find Dating Channels? [TOP 5]

One of the Largest Dating Servers on Discord with over 250,000 members and according to the server, they get 100 Profiles/Day.

Web Link:

Join Link:

2. E-Girl Paradise

Dating on Discord? Where to Find Dating Channels? [TOP 5]

An even larger dating server with nearly 600,000 members and many extra features that include:

  • Active Chats – Talk to Girls and Guys!
  • Self-Roles – Tons of roles to choose from!
  • Giveaways – Tons of Nitro Giveaways and others!
  • Cute emotes! – We offer 500 cute emotes for you to use!
  • Active Voice Channels – We offer tons of active voice channels
  • We’re one of Discord’s most active servers.

Web Link:

Join Link:

3. Flare

Dating on Discord? Where to Find Dating Channels? [TOP 5]

An amazing 2:1 f to m ratio on flare with many booster perks & custom roles and a 3.914 ratings.

Web Link:

Join Link:

4. Night Lounge

Dating on Discord? Where to Find Dating Channels? [TOP 5]

This server offers 250$+ Nitro Giveaways with 500 BEST emotes.

You get to see Anime, Memes, and Gaming material shared. The server has a 3.6 rating.

Web Link:

Join Link:

5. Broken Souls

Dating on Discord? Where to Find Dating Channels? [TOP 5]

This server is an official Discord partner.


✔️ Gaming
✔️ Movie nights
✔️ 24/7 Music bot
✔️ Anime
✔️ Newly customized bot system
✔️ Giveaways
✔️ Assignable colors & roles
✔️ Experience System
✔️ Selfies
✔️ Customizable voice channels
✔️ Waifu System & Waifu Bot

Web Link:

Join Link:

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