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The Last of Us brought more of a social side to the series by sidelining the action. Here is a complete review of what went down in episode 6.

After delivering serious action in episode 5, The Last of Us is calming things down with an emotional attachment, heated arguments, and good old reunions in the new episode 6. It’s an exciting way to see Joel and Ellie finally get a taste of ‘normal life’ once again after meeting Tommy and a range of survivors.

New episode 6 took the game adaptation to another level by giving fans hope that Joel and Ellie survive this chaos. Throughout season 1, Joel has been searching for his long-lost brother Tommy, the ex-Firefly surviving with many others. Joel and Tommy reunite in episode 6 through a fatal yet emotional encounter in the wilderness.

But that’s not all, and there is more to the story as it continues to feature heated arguments and how life would appear further for Joel and Ellie. In this article, The CPU Guide is here to give you detailed insights on The Last of Us season 1, episode 6 by answering a range of fan favorite questions.

So, let’s dive into it!

What Happens in The Last of Us Episode 6?

The Last of Us episode 6 was an absolute treat for fans who are more into the original game’s storyline. The new episode gives us a detailed glimpse of a fully functioning town filled with survivors. I think it’s a lot more than the game, as it only reveals a small section with many cinematics.

Where is The Last of Us Episode 6 Set in?

The Last of Us episode 6 brings Joel and Ellie to Jackson, Wyoming. The show took accurate adaption from the game this time, unlike in episode 4. More specifically, the snowy hills of Wyoming were settled according to the events in The Last of Us Part 2. Like the other episode of the series, we’ll get to see an extensive side of what didn’t appear in the game.

Joel and Ellie reaching Jackson Wyoming

While Ellie and Joel are on the survival journey, they meet an old couple, Marlon (Graham Greene) and Florence (Elaine Miles), who is pretty superstitious about the town of Jackson. The couple warns Joel and Ellie not to proceed to Jackson and to go east instead of heading further. Guess that didn’t scare our heroes, and they proceeded to reach Jackson, Wyoming.

Normal Way of Life

After reaching Jackson, things turned out to be the opposite: it was a safer, calmer, and more socially rich place for survivors. Instead of being a deathtrap, Jackson became heaven for Ellie and Joel. That’s where both were surrounded by horse riders who took Ellie and Joel to the town of survivors.

Joel and Ellie Surrendering to Horse Riders

Ellie and Joel are taken to the safe zone behind the wooden gates, where everything seems normal and functional, like life before the deadly virus. There is a sewerage system, a dam that delivers hydroelectric power to keep things running, livestock, and food sufficient for survival. Jackson also has wooden houses and Christmas trees. The community center hosted a movie night, which premiered “The Goodbye Girl,” a 1977 comedy by Neil Simon.

Jackson from The Last of Us HBO

Introducing Tommy

Besides a lot of whiskeys and a normal way of life, Jackson is where two separated brothers, Joel and Tommy, finally meet each other. After a long lost chase, Joel thought that Tommy was all mixed up with the Fireflies and met his fate on the journey. But there he was in the flesh, being a prominent contributor in the survivor’s community of Jackson, Wyoming.

Ellie mentions that it was her first time enjoying regular food when she met Tommy, while he caught up with Joel to learn what he had missed on the journey. According to Joel, Tommy is the only person who can help him complete the mission of getting Ellie to the team of doctors working on the vaccine.

Joel meeting Tommy in the Last of Us Episode 6

Joel explains to Tommy that he is old and fears losing Ellie just like he lost Sarah. However, Tommy gives Joel a confusing answer to accept his request by mentioning that, at this point, he’ll have to choose between his own family. At the end of the episode, when Joel and Ellie decide to continue their Journey, Tommy changes his mind about staying behind and joins them in their journey.

Back to the Survivor Journey

All the good vibes and safe sides looked good until Joel and Ellie decided to continue their journey ahead of Jackson instead of resting themselves in Jackson. On their way, Joel and Ellie find an abandoned hospital, which they expect to be their final destination. They reroute their journey to run away from the area, where an unknown group ambushes them.

Ellie Firing a Gun to Save Joel

While fighting off this deadly attack, Joel had to adapt his killer mode again, and he took a deadly knife wound that shook him to the core. The duo continues their journey, but Joel soon falls off the horse and faints while Ellie tries to wake her up.

I find this scene very emotional where Joel is dying on Ellie, and she is screaming, “Joel, wake up, I can’t do this without you.

It’s a sad yet brutal end of the chapter that had fans screaming on the screen. This decision was probably regretful as Joel and Ellie could live peacefully in Jackson. But instead, they chose to continue their journey and met a terrible fate.

Final Words

I think the Last of Us episode 6 was probably the most emotional of the series, and it is hitting the fans differently. I am excited to see how the show proceeds further. As per schedule, the Last of Us episode 7 will release on February 26th, and I am impatient to see how Joel and Ellie find a ray of hope.


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