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Co-President of Naughty Dog Confirms The Last of Us Multiplayer | TCG

The Last of Us franchise is getting a major update as co-president Neil Druckmann confirms that multiplayer is coming in 2023.

The Last of Us is getting a major addition in 2023 that we’ve all been waiting for. The co-president of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann teased us with fresh news:

We have the multiplayer game that’s coming out, and we’ll reveal more about that later this year.

Naughty Dog teased fans with the multiplayer news by mentioning that there will be more exciting news by sharing details on the upcoming game. So what to expect from the multiplayer, and what will it look like on various platforms?

The CPU Guide is here to share details about the Last of Us multiplayer release and what to expect in the upcoming year.

What We know on The Last of Us Multiplayer Confirmation 2023

The Last of Us multiplayer game is one of the ongoing under-development projects at Naughty Dog. We have confirmed that from various resources, some of which were direct confirmations from the studio on their social media as the fans took the studio by storm.

Officially Naughty Dog hasn’t unveiled any information on the Last of Us multiplayer except for the released concept art. The studio has mentioned that they are reshaping things for a fresh experience. Fans kept teasing the studio as they would give any idea about the multiplayer release. Still, they’re hiding things by trying not to ruin the surprise.

Rumor has it that multiple developments are happening in the Naughty Dog studio. Other than multiplayer, it could be The Last of Us 3, as Neil Druckmann mentioned that he is writing a new outline for a story with the co-writers.

When Did Naughty Dog Mention About The Last of Us Multiplayer?

In 2019, fans were expecting The Last of Us 2 to introduce the game’s new version with the first part’s multiplayer factions. However, Naughty Dog shared disappointing news via their Twitter channel that adding multiplayer with the game’s original campaign-based storyline became a bit challenging for the team.

The development studio again mentioned that they are ‘working on it’ by updating the news in a blog post back in 2021. At the time, fans had lost all their hopes about multiplayer action until Neil Druckmann mentioned it on the stage of Summer Game Fest in 2022.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Storyline and Plot

Adding more to the game’s development phase confirmation, Neil Druckmann mentioned that the new multiplayer would release with a standalone title. I guess that explains why the game cannot launch with a campaign mode at the same time, or the studio might run into the same issue as they did back in 2019. To be fair, Naughty Dog is well known for its single-player action game based on an engaging storyline, which is why they struggle with a multiplayer title.

Final Words

Like many other fans, I’m excited to experience more greatness if the Naughty Dog finally releases the Last of Us multiplayer this year. Fans are overwhelmed by these teasers and announcements as the franchise earns an excellent reputation with the new TV series.

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