The Last of Us Episode 5: Early Glimpse of the Early Premier

The Last of Us episode 5 will premier early on Friday to avoid the Super Bowl clash, and it’s a real treat after the sensational preview trailer release.

HBO Max has managed to add some new characters with a bit of diversion from the Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us game, and I am getting impatient to see what’s coming next in the show. Thanks to Super Bowl Sunday, HBO decided to release episode 5 earlier on February 10th Friday, instead of Sunday.

The pre-release trailer revealed that Kansas City is burning and almost everyone is running for their survival. The trailer also revealed Kathleen’s hardcore character bursting down in tears for some reason. And there is a glimpse of terrifying Bloaters from the original The Last of Us Part 1.

But that’s not all, I noticed many interesting moments from the trailer revealing how deadly and risky things are going to get. In this article, The CPU Guide brings some key takeaways from The Last of Us episode 5 to share my theories and predictions on the storyline.

Introducing Henry and Sam

Episode 5 is finally going to introduce Henry and Sam, who were often discussed in episode 4. Henry and his little brother Sam appeared in the Last of Us Part 1, and they were hiding away from the Hunters. Henry refuses to be a part of Kathleen’s control in the show.

Actors of Henry and Sam in the Last of Us Show

The trailer also revealed that Henry is talking to Sam in sign language, indicating that Sam is deaf. That’s now how it was in the game, as Sam could hear and talk in the Last of Us Part 1. I am curious to see how Henry and Sam’s fate ends in the show since it is not very appealing in the game.

Henry Talking to Sam in Sign Language

Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard) seem more frightened in this new trailer preview as they are on the run for their lives. I noticed a scene where Kathleen pulls a gun, and Henry slowly steps out with his hands in the air. And the fear seems pretty obvious as Kathleen has been looking for both since Kathleen believes Henry killed her brother.

Henry Surrendering to Kathleen in the Last of Us

Bloaters Are Here

Bloaters are the infectants that have managed to survive long enough that their infection has reached the 4th level. It means they have been infected for a few years before turning into a Bloater. Unlike the Clickers, Stalkers, and Runners, Bloaters are way stronger, with gigantic armor covering them.

Bloaters Appearing From the Ground in the Last of Us

As taken from the game, I don’t think we can take out Bloaters like the early-stage infectants. They can be killed with flamethrowers, but that doesn’t necessarily make them flammable. Bloaters are blind, just like the Clickers, and they make a similar noise but with a deeper nature.

Bloaters Body Structure and Armored Infection

However, when it comes to speed, Bloaters are relatively slow, but that’s only because of the fact that they are incredibly strong. So yeah, I’d call them the heavy-duty infectants.

Kathleen is on Revenge

Kathleen can’t get over the fact that an outside killed her brother, and we’ve constantly seen her blaming Henry for her brother’s death. Moreover, Kathleen seems ruthless as she dictates the survivors of Kansas City by giving them so-called freedom from FEDRA.

Kathleen and The Hunters in The Last of Us

Instead of giving them actual freedom, Kathleen is labelling them more as the workers who are supposed to work for the Hunters. While looking for Henry and his brother, I observed that Kathleen and the Hunters are after Henry and Sam while they are running off with Ellie in a scene. Looks like Joel’s training to shoot finally paid off as Ellie seems on the run to survive from Bloaters on her own.

Final Verdict

After watching all these revelations from the game, I am excited to see a face-off between the Hunters and the Bloaters. It’s good to know that episode 5 is going to release early, as we will see some hardcore survival action with an exciting story.


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