Sink to Receive Asynchronous Callbacks for WMI Client Application

Sink to Receive Asynchronous Callbacks for WMI Client Application? Caused by unsecapp.exe?

Have you seen this process running in the background when you open your task manager?

So you will be thinking What is sink to receive asynchronous callbacks?

I have the answer to every of your question in your mind listed below.

What Is unsecapp.exe?

Unsecapp is part of Windows Management Instrumentation(WMI) also known as Sink to Receive Asynchronous Callbacks for WMI Client Application.

It is a software component of the Windows operating system and acts as a mediator between the program running on your PC and the remote server automatically when a program needs to use WMI.

Unsecapp is an important component of Windows so don’t remove it. Important processes fail to execute and there are plenty of processes that execute to fail like Windows Media Player Failing or LockApp.exe.

WMI allows software developers to write scripts and programs to manage and query devices or running programs.

It is an essential infrastructure feature for managing data and operations on Windows-based Operating systems.

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What Quick Solutions can fix unsecapp.exe system usage?

  1. A simple restart of the process.
  2. Re-enabling the process can fix it
  3. Updating Windows Is a workable solution too.

Is Unsecapp Harmful to My PC

First of all, it’s not a virus!

As you have read above it’s really important for your Windows.


If a virus uses the same name as Unseapp.exe then there’s a little threat because the anti-virus won’t be able to detect it.

So here’s how you can check that Unseapp.exe is a genuine file and not a virus one:

  1. Unseapp.exe should be located in
    C:\Windows\System32 folder (normally C:\Windows\System32\wbem),
  2. You can use the search window to check if Unsecapp.exe is in the System 32 folder.
  3. If Unsecapp.exe is there then you don’t need to worry and if it’s not in the System 32 folder then it’s a virus, so you need to backup your data and run an anti-virus scan.

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Can I Disable Unsecapp.exe?

If you are thinking to disable Unsecapp.exe then I won’t recommend it to do so.

The only reason behind this is it’s really important for Windows OS as whenever your PC wants to use WMI, it won’t be able to use it and result in the substandard performance of the OS.

Moreover, it will also obstruct the functionality of any third-party applications configured to use WMI programming.

As a result, don’t think of disabling Unsecapp.exe.

I hope this has surely helped you know Sink to Receive Asynchronous Callbacks for WMI Client Application.

If you still have any problems regarding this just ask in the comment section.


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