The Last of Us PC Has Been Cracked By Pirates

The Last of Us Part 1 made its debut on PC, marking the game’s long-awaited arrival on a new platform. Known for its exceptional storytelling, stunning visuals, and unforgettable characters, the game has been celebrated over two console generations. However, the PC release has been met with a setback as pirates managed to crack The Last of Us PC version within a few hours of its release, albeit with a caveat.

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Many gamers were eagerly anticipating the release of The Last of Us PC, but according to its Steam reviews, the game seems to be plagued by several issues, including high RAM usage and frequent crashes.

Although we cannot speak to the performance of the pirated version, it appears that the Steam release of The Last of Us PC is suffering from numerous bugs, leaving many fans dissatisfied with the quality of the port.

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This is especially disappointing given Sony’s recent track record with PC releases and the high expectations associated with such a highly acclaimed title. Although Iron Galaxy, the studio responsible for the port, is likely working to address the issues, it remains uncertain whether the pirated version will fare any better.


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