Initial Thoughts On Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest has just released and I thought that giving my initial thoughts on the early access game and world thus far would be ideal in documenting the game as the developers continue to spruce it up. Upon starting the game up and playing on max graphic settings, I was blown away by the amount of detail that is given for a thirty dollar game (now for mere 10 USD) has been getting enormous sales and getting a lot of postive reviews.

The main menu immediately gave me Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator vibes, as a helicopter flies over the mountains we are presumably going to be in. The adrenaline rush of music in the background gets you ready to jump into the cannibalistic society of the world you will now know, The Forest.

Kelvin pointing to an undoubtedly rugged mutant that is about to attack from behind.

Skipping the beginning of the game to avoid spoilers, we are introduced to our friend Kelvin and the rugged terrain of the world that will eat you alive (literally) if you don’t learn how to wield what grows in it. I was immediately reminded of Rust, in which you can buy boosted Rust accounts. The camera set up is similar and the survival aspect is on par with popular survival games like the one previously mentioned. However, everything is so spick and span that it is hard to not love what is in this game already.

To start, I had my handy dandy ax, my scanner, and a field guide that told me how to make things I already knew how to make. Grabbing the ax from the spick and span new inventory system that was implemented in this sequel, I rushed over to luggage that was found on the ground and hit it until my heart was content. I was also given no direction from the start of the game besides the scanner that showcased dots around the map. I started to immediately run towards them with my new found friend, regretting every decision I made along the way.

What ensued in the running was quite a long journey, as I entered two caves in which both were empty of any feral dwellers. One even had a 3D printer in it that gave me a mask to trick cannibals, arrows for a bow I didn’t have yet, along with a variety of other helpful items like the water flask. It wasn’t until my time on the beach in which I experienced the horror the game has to offer.

son of the forest back goround image

For The Forest, it was quite solemn until it wasn’t. Building a house on the beach with Kelvin, I was approached by a mutant who investigated me and seemed friendly, running away. Next, I saw another person slowly walking down the ridge and getting closer to me. This person then hopped over my soon to be home and started growling at me but not attacking me in aggression. But I couldn’t help attacking him in aggression as the cannibal stomped on my newfoundland. I hit the cannibal with three strength-filled ax swings, knocking him on his butt.

He immediately got up and knocked me out in one hit with full health, tied me to a rock and threw my body in the water for me to drown. From here on out, I cut myself free to be graced by shark fins surrounding me in the water while I panic swam for the shoreline. From here on out, I made it my mission to follow the growls in the night and find that cannibal who ruined my home.

Thus far, the game has been incredibly fun and quite tense at times, giving me anxiety I didn’t think was possible from a video game. Being only three hours into the title, much has happened and I have an incredible amount left to explore before I even reach half of the game’s map. I am excited to continue my journey as a son of the forest and will continue to update my time in the world that cares more for eating people than it does peace.

Why did the game developers choose Early Access for their new game?

The developers want player feedback and involvement to help push the game further, just like with their previous game, The Forest.

How long is the game expected to be in Early Access?

The developers hope to be in Early Access for 6-8 months, but this is subject to change depending on development needs.

How will the full version differ from the Early Access version?

The full version will have bug fixes, improvements to balance and core gameplay, more items, more 3D printing options, more to build and discover, additional game mechanics, and lore.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

The Early Access version is playable in single-player and multiplayer modes, with up to 8 players. It features caves to explore, a story to uncover, a new building system, crafting system, new weapons, dynamic weather and seasons, and terrifying enemies.

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