PC Building Lessons from a Redditor – Everything You Need to Know

Are you deciding to build a gaming PC but hesitating to start? Here are some lessons you can learn from Redditors on PC building.

Reddit is the biggest community for PC gamers and builders who are always helpful to their fellow Redditors. As Reddit says, ‘Dive into anything,’ you can start a whole conversation on any topic. The same goes for PC building, where a Reddit user shared his experience on the lessons he learned to help other gamers in PC building.

In this article, we will share several factors based on PC-building lessons from Reddit users with everything you need to know for building your ultimate gaming rig. We will also discuss how you can find the right PC parts for your PC to ensure their compatibility with each other.

PC Building Lessons from Redditors on Choosing Parts

Before we progress to building a PC from the start, let’s talk about what types of parts you’ll need and the things you should consider while purchasing these parts.

Gaming Monitors

While choosing and setting gaming monitors, here are a few things you must consider to get the best out of your gaming experience.

  • While choosing the best gaming resolution, you may opt for a 1440p resolution monitor that delivers 144 Hz of refresh rate. In that case, always go for a Display Port instead of an HDMI connection, as an HDMI cable may reduce/cut the refresh rate you want. You can also go for HDMI 2.0 can deliver equivalent performance as the Display Port.
HDMI and Display Port for PC Building
  • Freesync and Gsync technologies provide the best on-screen performance with your GPU, and they are both pretty good at it no matter what GPU you buy (Gsync for Nvidia or Freesync for AMD). However, it’s essential to research the right gaming monitor that works best with your GPU brand. According to many experienced users, most Freesync monitors will also work perfectly with Nvidia.
Freesync VS Gsync for PC Building
  • If you have bought a higher refresh rate monitor, say 144 Hz, and still not getting that smooth gameplay experience, then it’s because the Windows PC has set the refresh rate to 60 Hz by default. But you can set it from the ‘Advanced Display Settings’ to match your monitor.
Changing Refresh Rate for Gaming Monitor


Next up, we have the part that connects everything from the front panel cables to the CPU in your PC, and that’s the motherboard. Here is some advice on setting up and choosing the right motherboard for your PC.

  • While building your PC, it’s important to check the motherboard’s compatibility with the CPU, and it’s better to pick your CPU first.
  • Ensure to update or install a new BIOS for newer processors so the motherboard can detect them. It is best to select a motherboard that supports USB BIOS Flashback. However, if you are buying a newer high-end motherboard, you may not have to install or update the BIOS.
  • If you want to mount extra fans with the motherboard for the CPU, then you may require an adaptor that fits with the CPU.
Pin Sockets for attaching additional fans
  • Make sure to find a motherboard with a connector for input/output USB-C if it’s a part of your PC case; otherwise, that additional port will be useless.
  • Attaching M.2 may disable some of the SATA Ports in the motherboard, so beware of this drawback if you plan to use all your SATA ports.
  • Before plugging the RGB attachments, check for the 5V and 12V headers to see if the motherboard is compatible.


The processor is the next most important component of a gaming PC which empowers the whole gaming rig, and most of the functions solely rely on the processor.

  • You can save some bucks by buying a GPU by looking for a CPU with integrated video memory.
GPU Integrated CPU by Intel


Next up, we have the RAM that helps to perform better multi-tasking and amps up the processing power of the processor. Hence these factors should be considered while choosing the RAM for your PC.

  • A single stick of 16 GB RAM is less efficient than two 8 GB RAM. Moreover, make sure to install RAMs correctly based on the channels of your motherboard.
Installing Memory sticks in RAM Slots
  • Depending on the number of RAM slots in your PC, installing dual-channel RAM in specific places on your motherboard is preferable. You can check your motherboard manual for this to see what adjustment of the slots you should go for while installing the RAMs in your PC.
  • The DOCP or A-XMP option may vary in the BIOS based on the motherboards, and you must enable it from the system BIOS to get the most efficient processing power from your 3200 MHz RAM.
  • Before purchasing the RAM sticks, compare RAMs on the frequency and CAS latency. Go for a high frequency a low latency RAM, and you can easily calculate the actual latency with this formula CL * 2000/Freq.
  • Various motherboards come with a certified list of RAMs manufacturers that they have tried and tested with their hardware. In case your RAM isn’t available on your motherboard’s list, it doesn’t mean it won’t work. It only states that a specific RAM vendor is certified to install it in the motherboard, which should be considered if you plan to overclock RAM with XMP.

Power Supply

The functioning and overclocking capacity of your hardware also depends on the power supply. Therefore, you shouldn’t lack on purchasing one considering these factors.

  • The type of power supply you choose depends on the wattage requirement for the graphics card and motherboard. In most cases, a 650-Watt power supply is a pretty standard option.
  • Power Supplies come with a PSU rating which defines how efficient they are. Getting a gold power supply for a safe and powerful gaming experience would be best to get the best standard.
Gold Rated Power Supply
  • At last, you need to ensure that the PSU fits perfectly in your PC case. There are different brands out there, and it is better to choose a power supply that snuggly fits your PC than one with a mess of wires. Also, make sure it has the 8-pin or 12-pin connectors to power the GPU.


Next up with the have the storage, and when it comes to building a gaming PC, it’s hard to choose to play favorites as you always go for a whole library of games from different genres. Here are the factors you must consider for storage type and size for your gaming PC.

  • It is preferable to attach M2 drives for storage which can be either SATA or NVMe. For a faster gaming experience and quicker boot loads, adding an NVMe SSD of at least 512 GB with a 7200 RPM HDD of 2 TB is suggested B if you play many games.

PC Case

Next up, have the PC case where all of your hardware mentioned above will go in, and you have to be very careful while choosing a PC case and placing one to avoid any hazardous damages by following these lessons.

  • If your PC has vents below or above, try not to put them in a congested closed place or on a carpet directly, as it may clog the airflow.
  • The most important thing is ensuring everything fits perfectly in your PC case (motherboard, GPU, PSU, and CPU). It is always ok if there is a little room left, as you can always add more hardware. So, buying a bigger case can work perfectly instead of a little congested one.
Installing GPU and Motherboard in empty PC case
  • If you’re considering to add a liquid cooling setup in your case, make sure to measure the case for clearance of the fans and radiator.


  • Online PC Builder by TCG is the tool that can help you to get started with everything you need. You can select all the games you wish to play, and it will provide you with several budget options to choose from, and you can buy all the compatible PC hardware you need with just a few clicks.
  • Patch My PC assists in making the software patching processes more seamless.
  • Chocolatey is a command line interface that allows you to install and upgrade software.

PC Building Lessons from Redditors on Assembling PC

Now let’s discuss the nightmares and comments from the Reddit users who faced and overcame the challenges of PC building by following this advice.

  • Make sure to apply thermal paste to the CPU if your cooler has no pre-applied one. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, as your PC will constantly overheat if no thermal paste is applied, and the processor may lose its efficiency or stop working in the worst-case scenario.
Applying Thermal Paste on CPU
  • The stock cooler of your CPU can do a decent job maintaining the temperature, so you can initially carry on with it by simply applying the thermal paste.
  • Before installing the motherboard, ensure the input/output shield is in place; sometimes, motherboards will come attached.
  • Ensure the CPU is properly locked in the latch before covering it with the cooler.
  • If your motherboard has multiple slots to install a GPU, install it in the top one to get the best performance.
  • Buy a CPU cooler that does not block your RAM slots so you can easily install or upgrade Memory by adding more RAM sticks conveniently.
RAMs attached next to the CPU Cooler
  • Always choose a clean and dry place to build your PC. Do not build your PC on a carpet; beware of the static charge. Grounding your PC with some attachments before hitting the power button is always best.
  • Attach the HDMI/DP from the monitor to the GPU if you have attached a dedicated GPU.
  • Pay attention to the motherboard manual if you ever get confused with connecting wires. You may also find some graphical guidelines on the PSU label to guide you with sockets and attachments.

Final Words

Building your PC can be a hectic job. Unless you understand the cons by following the advice of experienced PC builders, there are least chances of making a mistake. From purchasing the parts to assembling them, you may face many issues that can make the PC building process more challenging. In this article, we mentioned how you can buy the right parts and some advice on assembling them correctly. We hope the insight we shared from Reddit users was valuable enough for you to build your PC without much confusion.


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