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Atomic Heart will unleash a new way of playing first-person shooter, and here is everything you need to know before playing the game.

Mundfish will release Atomic Heart on February 21st, 2023, across all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. The game has been developing for a long time, and I expect some serious action after looking at the reveal trailer.

As far as the gameplay and storyline are concerned, I have had many questions about various game elements, for instance, the weapons, the enemies, and the world design. The game seems confusing yet interesting based on an alternative story of 1955’s Soviet Union.

We have you covered if you’re still wondering about the game and what it has to offer. The CPU Guide is here to completely summarize everything you need to know about Mundfish’s Atomic Heart and what the game offers.

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1. Facility 3826

Facility 3826 might side like a lab room or factory set. But it is much larger than just a room. It’s a complete ecosystem with countless facilities and entities living under one roof. This facility has a complete ecosystem of failed lab experiments and machines that have gone rogue against humanity.

Facility 3826 Lab in Atomic Heart

All the chaotic beings are scattered across green forests and destroyed remains of the city. I would conclude the world of Facility 3826 as a robotic jungle where machines are no less than wild animals, and humans are their target.

2. AI Glove

Since the game is full of futuristic technology, the only robot that has not gone rogue is the Polymer Glove, who will be our guide and best friend in Facility 3826. This glove is more than just a navigator; it can unleash the ability to throw ice, lighting, and fire. All of these natural elements can be used while fighting enemies.

Polymer Glove in Atomic Heart

The glove can be used in several different ways we can throw a polymer bomb to electrocute these killer robots. Then there is the polymer shield to defend yourself, and you can freeze the enemies with it too.

3. Got A lot of Enemies

As I mentioned before, it’s a jungle filled with wild robots, and we got to survive. After first looking at the trailer, I thought there might be zombies in this game, but it’s far worse. Atomic Heart also features a hybrid robot experiment, a combination of flesh and machine.

Human Flesh Robot in Atomic Heart

I believe these hybrid robots would be more lethal than the average laborer tin-can robots gone murderous. There is a wide range of robots, each of which has special abilities based on their names, which are classified below.

RAF-9A human-looking robot with a powerful grip and claws
MFU-68A Laborer robot with saw blades on top
VOV-A6Self-repairing abilities
MA-9A fast-moving robot with flame throwers
HedgieA large cannonball-shaped robot that can bounce around and create shockwaves

Knowing these machines and what they can do is very important, so when you step into combat with them, you will know what they are capable of doing.

4. Weapons

Weapons in the Atomic Heart are expensive and have a wide range to choose from. We’ve got good old Kalashnikov, a classic souvenir of Russian warfare to the futuristic rail gun for destroying enemies. Let me list down the shooter and melee weapon list the game has revealed so far.

  • AK
  • Railgun
  • Kuzmitch
  • Fox
  • Pashtet
  • Swede
  • Hammer
  • Shotgun
  • Zvezdochka
Rail Gun in Atomic Heart

The weapon that I have listed above are named as they are in the game, so I would like to expand my compliments to the pre-release content mentioned on the game’s website. However, these aren’t the only weapons in the game, as there is a complete range to find after the release.

5. Chaika 3.0

After hearing the name, I thought it was some transportation device, but Chaika 3.0 is a crafting device that helps create over 30 different types of guns and melee weapons. To craft weapons with Chaika, we’ll have to find different components from the environment and the remains of our robot enemies.

Crafting Custom Weapons with Chaika 3.0

Each weapon follows a specific type of cassette module which can be developed to increase a weapon’s damage and range. Therefore, it’s all up to us to utilize the resources and create new weapons. Remember, the pace of movement depends on the number of weapons you carry, so more weapons mean slower movement.

6. Difficulty Modes

After assessing the game’s trailer footage and gameplay video, I thought it would be one hell of a battle against the robots as they are much faster and stronger as compared to my human character. Luckily, the game comes with varying difficulty modes.

Fighting Laborer Bot in Hard Difficulty

Mundfish’s game director revealed to IGN that there would be three difficulty modes to choose from. Players can select from Story, Medium, and Hard difficulty modes. So, if you’re more into enjoying the storyline like me, you can go for the easy Story mode. In contrast, if you’re up for a challenge, go hardcore with the Hard difficulty.

7. DLSS 3 Support

Calling all the players from the glorious PC master race, we have some good news for you. Atomic Heart will support DLSS 3 with Nvidia RTX 40 GPUs. So, PC players will be able to experience a great-looking game with ray-traced reflections. The PC players are in a treat as the game will utilize the Frame Generation with the existing features like Super Resolution and Reflex.

Ray Traced Reflections on Nvidia RTX GPU

As for the console players, I have disappointing news: Atomic Heart won’t support ray tracing on Xbox and PlayStation. However, the game director mentioned that the game would deliver a solid 60fps at 4K resolution on the new-gen consoles.

8. Atomic Pass

If you thought the game was going to end with its chaotic storyline, then you’re wrong. There is more to come in the future with the Atomic Pass. The game directors have confirmed that four DLC packs will come with the Atomic Pass, which will be available with the Gold and Premium editions.

Atomic Heart Premium and Gold Edition

Although I haven’t discovered what’s coming with the Atomic Pass content in the four DLCs, we expect new enemies and an enhanced environment featuring more puzzles and quests. I expect new characters and more complex labs to unlock tougher challenges.

Final Words

Looking at all the exciting gameplay effects and high-end graphics, I find it disappointing that there is no multiplayer in the game. So, I think it’s focused more on the storyline. I believe Atomic Heart is for those who are playing it for the plot. After all the extended delays, I was expecting more from Mundfish. I don’t think there will be any multiplayer in the future. Still, the game looks pretty cool for a single-player FPS genre.


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