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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is now available for consoles, and we’ve enlisted the best weapons to give you a head start in the adventurous hunt.

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the first game in the series to release directly for new-gen consoles, bringing a lot of action for players with a variety of weapons.

MHR Sunbreak has been among the most awaited upcoming games of 2023, with over 5 million units sold across Nintendo Switch and PC, which is finally released for new-gen consoles, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One.

From the most underwhelming weapons like Lance to heavy-duty Dual Blades obtaining the Silkbind techniques to conquer the battles with skill and style. Each weapon is divided into 14 different types, making it versatile for players to adapt to what seems best.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Weapons

In this article, The CPU Guide brings you the latest updates on the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak weapons trier list. We will go through each tier by discussing from tier S to tier D so you can find the suitable class for fighting the battle in your style.

Keep in mind that the features tiers and classes are classified according to weapons experienced in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak on Nintendo, which will also be available for new-gen consoles.

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MHS Tier List Criteria for Classifying Weapons?

The first thing you need to be clear about is that there is no official classification of weapons released by game publisher Capcom. The tier list I have prepared for the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is based on damage output and restrictions required to attain the weapon.

For example, the weapon class with greater damage and lower investment limitations is classified as a higher class. On the other hand, weapons that cause low damage but require a lot more resources to construct are classified in the lower class.

Fans have shared their thoughts on some of the most popular weapons on Monster Hunter Reddit, some of which are also enlisted in our collection. Sharing my 10-minute experience while hunting during the Tetranadon Quest, I assessed some weapons to share my opinion on the weapons featured in our collection.

I also considered the opinions of different players from different forums, reviews, and gameplays. So, find the weapon most potent from the list below to reach the best results.

Tier S: Top 5 Tier for Professionals

As a beginner player of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, I believe the classes of weapons in tier S seem more difficult to handle. Without a doubt, tier-S weapons are the best in class, but only if you know how to handle them. So, before you choose any weapons from this tier, make sure you have mastered the art of fighting with these 5 top-tier weapons.

1. Bow: Avoids Damage

image 175

We’re starting from the Bow, which has been helpful in the Monster Hunter Rise Series. In contrast, the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings a better version of this weapon based on mobility and output damage. The weapon can both avoid and deal damage, making it the top choice of the top tier.

2. Great Sword: Better for Extensive Battles

Great Sword in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Great Sword is the most reliable yet powerful weapon in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. With this weapon, I could extend the battle for longer durations, and it does more damage than many other weapons in the game.

The best part, I didn’t feel like I needed any precise combat knowledge to use this weapon. Based on its functionality support and heavy output damage, I classify this weapon in the top tier class without a second thought.

3. Heavy Bowgun: Causes High Damage

Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

As it sounds in the name, I felt like a Heavy Bowgun is heavy duty as it’s challenging to move around with this weapon. This addition to the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak seems extremely powerful, as I could slice through the enemies with armor-piercing ammunition. This weapon is highly dependable due to its Crouching Shot and Wire Bug movement ability.

4. Light Bowgun: Offers Better Mobility

Light Bowgun in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Light Bowgun earns many advantages due to its mobility, which is pretty much self-explanatory from its name. This weapon enables the Wyvern Counter ability, which allows me to engage in battle from a considerable distance. It was a smarter yet safer move to play, and I could dodge easily as it’s a lighter weapon with better defense.

5. Switch Axe: Fighting and Defense

Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you’re looking for something that evenly meets the requirements of fighting and defense, the Switch Axe would be a perfect choice. This weapon is much more dependable than other weapons in its class due to its simple transformation combinations in battles.

Tier A: Strong Choice to Defeat Monsters

The weapons classified in tier A are still the most dependable yet approachable weapons in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, as I found them relatively easy to operate than the ones in tier S. However, I can confidently say these 4 weapons can do some severe damage to monsters with a stronger impact.

1. Charge Blade: High Damage

Charge Blade in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The charge blade could’ve been classified in tier S based on its performance and damage. But due to the complex style and gameplay mechanics, this weapon may require some hands-on experience for the gamers. Still, when it comes to adaptability, I believe this weapon is pretty useful.

2. Dual Blade: Continous Damage

Dual Blade in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Dual Blades hold a great reputation for adapting the invincibility frames during Combat in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. I find this tool highly efficient with its Wire Bug abilities to cause continuous damage. However, I find this weapon highly weak regarding raw damage in one strike. Therefore, it may not be able to keep up with other melee weapons in our collection.

3. Long Sword: Damage With Balanced Mobility

Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Long Sword is probably the most popular weapon in the Monster Hunter Rise Series. This fan-favorite weapon is most often used due to its mobility after its balanced adjustments.

It took me some time to get around its skillset like Sakura Slash, which requires incredible balancing focus. But at the same time, the Spirit Gauge technique seems much simple to apply without losing momentum.

4. Sword and Shield: Best for Defense and Attack

Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Last but not least weapon set in tier A is the Sword and Shield set. This duo is considered a mid-tier choice for me as it offers a balanced experience between defense and attack. I would recommend Sword and Shield for beginners for its simpler playing style. This weapon will not disappoint you even if you get into an unannounced conflict.

Tier B: Good But Not Great

The next class in our collection brings us to a list of weapons with fewer restrictions and excellent weapons to get you going in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. These weapons will support their adaptability with other weapons to enhance your fighting style in a battle.

1. Hunting Horn: Inconsistent Damage

Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The weapon sounds equally fascinating as its name, the Hunting Horn, being one of the most distinct weapons in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

While using this weapon, you may feel stuck in a combo during a fighting style. However, I find this weapon very useful for multiplayer, but it causes inconsistent damage, which brought it to tier B instead of the top ones.

2. Insect Glaive: Best for Ariel Damage

Insect Glaive in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This weapon is more useful when you’re up in the air, trying to battle around with the Wire Bug. This weapon gave me more freedom and adaptability during battles. Insect Glaive has been improved in the new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, but it drags down back to the surface, fixing the mobility to a certain point.

Tier C: Better Than Nothing

The last tier in our list can force you to invest more but brings a relatively poor damage output in terms of results. Now you can pick these weapons if their fighting style suits you better. Although, I don’t believe trying out these weapons is worth your time and resources.

1. Gunlance: Good Damage With Bad Mobility

Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

When I first heard the name, this weapon sounded more like a combination of a melee weapon and a machine gun. The weapon does some decent damage with the Bullet Barrage skill.

But at the same time. Gunlance has some serious mobility issues. Moreover, you may not find many combinations or dodging abilities with this one, leaving it in the lowest tier of our collection.

2. Hammer: High-Impact Damage

Hammer in in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Yes, it sounds like a melee weapon, like almost every other weapon in its class. The Hammer initially gained popularity from the Monster Hunter Rise game with a high impact and playability skillset. I could perform serious combat skills with Hammer like Spinning Bludgeon and damage wrecking Impact Burst. Still, I rarely prefer this weapon as it seems more like a situational tool.

3. Lance: High Damage With Less Mobility

Lance in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Lance shares a mixed opinion in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak community as it felt way out of balance to me in terms of mobility, but it has a relatively high skill ceiling.

Even though you can still do some serious damage with the Lance, it doesn’t seem very adaptable like its older versions in the past games.

Final Words

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings a new edition of some older weapons to enhance the gaming experience. Even though each weapon has pros and cons, it all comes down to what suits your fighting style. It is up to you what you adapt to fight against monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.


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