Monster Hunter: A Complete Guide to Game Releases & Storylines

From their first action-packed piece to their upcoming fantasy-based release, here is everything you need to know about Monster Hunter games.

It is exciting for gamers to interact with a storyline based on fantasy and action, which the Monster Hunter Game series has been delivering since 2004. The latest addition, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, is expected to release on 20 January 2023 for Xbox and PlayStation Consoles.

However, many new-gen console gamers may not be familiar with the long series of games in the Monster Hunter series and its epic combat styles. The CPU Guide is here to give you all the information on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and the previously released Monster Hunter games for various platforms.

Will a New Monster Hunter Game be Released in 2023?

If you are a PC player of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you may have experienced the game since its release on 29 June 2022. The same goes for the Nintendo Switch players, who got access even before them, as it was released on 26 March 2021.

Now the wait for console players is over since CAPCOM has announced that Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be released among the upcoming games for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on 20 January 2023.

So, without ruining the fun, let us talk about what to expect from Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak coming to consoles. There will be a new set of controls. At the same time, this new addition to the series features new monsters, a storyline, side quests, weapons, and an armory.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gameplay

The more difficult Master Rank hunts are much similar to the previous ones seen in the Monster Hunt games. The Monster Hunt Rise Sunbreak will also feature new hunting and training areas for the console players.

So, if you are wondering if the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak would be the same as the console version, the answer is yes since the storyline would be the same. So do not let the PC gamers ruin the storyline for you before the ultimate release.

All Monster Hunter Games (2004-2022)

The Monster Hunter games hold a great history of releasing a new addition to their series every year since 2004. Let us take an overview of each version to learn about the changes and improvements of the game in each release.

Monster Hunter (2004)

Monster Hunter 2004 Cover

The first monster hunter game was launched by CAPCOM on 11 March 2004 in Japan for PlayStation 2. The game features quests categorized into four distinct categories based on diverse levels.

Players can engage in various activities like hunting, gathering, and capturing. On the other hand, event quests are exclusive to online players.


The original Monster Hunter was further expanded into Monster Hunter G for PlayStation 2. The PlayStation Portable players in Japan and North America experience the Monster Hunter action in its 2nd version by the name of Monster Hunter Freedom.

Both expanded versions of the original Monster Hunter were released in 2005. The expanded content in two updated versions included content like dual swords and monster color changing with varying difficulty levels.

Monster Hunter 2 (2006)

Monster Hunter 2 Cover

The newer release of Monster Hunter 2 was first seen on PlayStation 2. The gameplay follows more of a competitive sense as players have to engage with quests and hunt monsters to gather points.

Players can use these points to make new weapons and build new armor.

The Monster Hunter 2 has upgraded weapons and better armor to find.


Monster Hunter 2 was further categorized into Frontier Online and Frontier Z in 2007. The game involves several changes, excluding time flow elements and tentacle-like monsters. Another expansion named Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was released in 2008, featuring Forest & Hills maps.

Monster Hunter Tri (2009)

Monster Hunter Tri (2009) cover

The Monster Hunter 3 game was expected to release on PlayStation 3, but it went out of budget for Capcom, so they released it on Wii. The game includes original copies of Monster Hunter G, and to make things even more interesting, CAPCOM provided free-of-charge gameplay in February 2010.

Players can experience the role of the hunter from the guild situated in Moga Village, where they have to complete the challenges of hunts on the island. Moreover, various collectible items can be converted to improve the village.


The expanded versions include Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, with extended content released in 2010.

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting was released for iOS and Android. While Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate came out for consoles in 2011. The added storyline brought a better class of weapons and decorated gaming mechanics for the supported platforms.

Monster Hunter 4 (2013)

Monster Hunter 4 Cover

Monster Hunter 4 is the game that has the most expansions of the whole series, which was initially released in Japan on 14 September 2013. In this release, players can play the role of a hunter who can undergo adventurous quests and hunt dangerous creatures who are monsters.

Furthermore, players can collect in-game money and unique rewards to unlock new weapons, armor, health gear, and restoration items.


The game has a total of 6 different expansions, including

  1. Monster Hunter: Frontier G (2013)
  2. Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate (2014)
  3. Monster Hunter Explore (2015)
  4. Monster Hunter Generations (2015)
  5. Monster Hunter Stories (2016)
  6. Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate (2017)

Each version of the Monster Hunter 4 was released for various platforms, including consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

Various versions include multiplayer options, with role-playing spin-offs of the Monster Hunter series. On top of that, the gameplay mechanics are improved in the released expansion packages.

Monster Hunter: World (2018)

Monster Hunter World Cover

The Monster Hunter World is the fifth game of the series released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in January 2018. In this game, players can either kill or trap the monster. Players can collect loot and craft items like weapons and armor, like in the other Monster Hunter series games.

The game’s plot is focused on crafting weapons and armor to hunt down more difficult monsters as you progress through. Moreover, online multiplayer allows you to hunt in a group of up to four players simultaneously.


The Monster Hunter World has only one major expansion, released for consoles in September 2019. The Monster Hunter World Iceborne sounds precisely how it is with the arctic-themed region. In addition, the expanded version features new monsters and a new storyline.

Monster Hunter Rise (2021)

Monster Hunter Rise Cover

The Monster Hunter Rise is the final release that is the talk of the town with its upcoming expansion for Xbox and PlayStation Consoles. Being the game for new-gen consoles, Monster Hunter Rise has improved gameplay mechanics and vivid graphics.

The game’s storyline has added a new animal companion for the players, which can be used to travel around the map and fight in battles. The positive thing about Monster Hunter Rise is that its map focuses more on vertical movement, giving players more space to play around.


The expanded versions of the game feature Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin, released worldwide in July 2021. The storyline starts from a majestic view where pink lighting effects emerge from gigantic pits and the disappearance of Rathalos across the world. The storyline continues with players facing raged-eye monsters while finding their Rathalos (the player’s animal companion).

The second expansion is more interesting and awaits release in January 2023. However, PC players got the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in June 2022, enjoying early access to the game’s improved mechanics and enhanced features. The storyline is focused on protecting Kamura from threats of threatening monsters, including the Elgado face trio called the Three Lords.


The action-role playing games like Monster Hunter series are among the most entertaining and thrilling versions to amaze players. The series has always treated its players with bigger, better, and improved versions of their games, including expansions. Hopefully, the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak would deliver the same results for the new-gen consoles.


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