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Minecraft Curse of Vanishing? What Does Curse Of Vanishing Do?

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing? What is curse of vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing was added in Bedrock Edition and 1.11 Java Edition as the vanishing enchantment lets you curse an item in the game. When an item is cursed with this enchantment, the cursed item will disappear when a player dies in the game (instead of being dropped after the player dies).

You can add the Curse of Vanishing enchantment to any tool, weapon, or armor using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command.

The maximum level for the Curse of Vanishing enchantment is Level 1. This means that you can only enchant an item with up to Curse of Vanishing I, and nothing higher for this enchantment.

What is Curse of Vanishing?

Curse of vanishing is actually a part of Minecraft’s enchanted book collections. To get this item, you need to “sacrifice” something to get rid of it. You can use this vanishing curse by combining it into charming tables, game orders, or iron blocks for some different weapons.

With the curse, you can collect synchronized items including X, swords, shovels, packs, shields, bows, hoes, fishing rods, and many more.

Minecraft Curse of Vanishing

You can apply the curse to the player’s tool. And, boom, they’ll lose their weapons. When the tool is being cursed with the curse of vanishing enchantment, it will only end when the player dies in the game as well. It does not diminish even after his death.

For the Level 1 curse, the curse will allow you to draw an object to a certain level, not a higher level. As you need to know, level 1 is the highest level in the curse of vanishing.

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What does Curse of Vanishing do in Minecraft?

If an item in your inventory is cursed to run out and you die, that item is removed from the game. It will not fall from the player to death and instead, it will be completely eliminated from the game. It can be frustrating when your diamond/nitrite coach or tools disappear after an unfortunate encounter.

The curse of vanishing mc is of no use to the players and there is something that can help the players in the adventure maps so that it is impossible to maintain an object.

You can fool the curse of vanishing by dropping the item or storing it before you die. The curse of vanishing is triggered only when the player dies with the item in the inventory. If the player holds the object in his mouse cursor and dies before he has a chance to release it, the object will disappear.

Crowds can even grow up with magic objects that are cursed to disappear. If the item had to be dropped, it would disappear due to the curse.

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How to get Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

How to get curse of vanishing in Minecraft

Curse of vanishing will never appear on an enchanting table. The curse is a treasure of enchantment and will only show up in chest loot or fishing drops. In the Java edition of Minecraft, you may also find the curse of vanishing on villagers’ traded items. This makes loot around the world a little less credible, but the curse will only be on death.

Finding cursed objects can be especially frustrating if you need a certain spell and find it by fishing or chest looting, but with the curse of vanishing. Fishing magic books are not so common and it seems that almost every other book you fish in will be a curse.

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How to remove Curse of Vanishing? Can you Remove curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there is no way to remove the curse of vanishing from your items. A grindstone will not remove the curse and this thing will be enchanted. If you set the world rules on keep inventory – True then this curse will have no effect.

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What items can be cursed with Curse of Vanishing?

The list of items that cursed to vanishing or may apply to is as follows:

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  1. All types of armor (helmet, chest plate, Elytra, leggings, and Boots)
  2. Weapons (sword, shield, bow, crossbow, and trident)
  3. Miscellaneous items (Mob Heads, Carved Pumpkins, and Jack O’ lanterns)
  4. Tools (Pickaxe, shovel, Axe, hoe, fishing rod, Shears, scissors, warped fungus on a stick, carrot on a stick, flint, and steel, and compass)

How to get the Curse of Vanishing enchantment?

Minecraft players who want to get this specific enchantment will need to do a little extra work as opposed to many other enchantments.

The curse of Vanishing is a treasure of enchantment, which means it can only be obtained from chest loot, fishing, raiding prizes (Bedrock only), or it can be bought from a librarian villager with emeralds.


I know it would be a tense situation for you when an enchanted item gets cursed and you feel useless but if you play the game by the book then you can get over it unless you die in Minecraft. So if the above guide about vanishing mc really helped you then let us know in the comment section below.


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