26 unique spells in Hogwarts Legacy so far

In Hogwarts Legacy, mastering the use of spells is crucial. But, even more, vital is becoming familiar with them.

Throughout the game, you’ll come across various spells, such as ones for conjuring items, healing, and defeating foes. You’ll learn how to obtain these spells in the game itself.

As of the latest version of Hogwarts Legacy, there are 26 spells to be explored and utilized. Familiarizing yourself with the unique capabilities and on-screen icons of each spell is key to casting spells efficiently and smoothly

Note: All the information on this page is based on pre-release information, we will update it once the game releases on February 10, 2023.

hogwarts legacy spells

So, let’s move on to the list of all the Hogwarts Legacy Spells available so far:

1. Avada Kedavra: Killing Spell

Avada Kedavra

In both the game and in the Harry Potter books, Avada Kedavra is one of the infamous Unforgivable Curses. This killing spell has the power to instantly eliminate the enemy. However, due to the power of the spell, its cooldown time is longer than the other spells.

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2. Imperio


Although it’s not fatal still considered an unforgivable curse in both the game and book due to its ability to manipulate and control the mind of the target, forcing them to obey the caster’s will.

3. Crucio

This speel is not used for killing however Crucio stops the enemy from moving and tortures them pretty badly.

4. Disillusionment Charm

Disillusionment Charm

This Spell will make you invisible and will have the same effect as of invisibility cloak

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5. Reducto: Destructive Spell


Reducto is a spell that allows the caster to destroy solid objects by blasting them into pieces. It can be used to throw objects and create small explosions

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6. Alohomora


Alohomora is a widely used spell that unlocks and opens doors, gates, or any other locked object. It’s a simple and convenient spell for gaining access to restricted areas.

7. Transfiguration Spell

Transfiguration Spell

This spell allows the caster to change one object into a different object.

8. Revilio: Essential Spell


To uncover hidden objects and items in your search, cast the Revilio spell to reveal any collectible items on the map

9. Arresto Momentum

Arresto Momentum

If you are looking to slow down time then Arresto Momentum is the spell you need as it halts the target, making it useful for countering projectile attackers.

10. Protego: Defensive Spell

A self-cast spell that creates a shield to block and deflect enemy attacks. Remember that this spell won’t work if the enemy has cast Avada Kedavra on you.

11. Reparo


The Reparo spell repairs broken objects, from a small wristwatch to a damaged bridge, and can restore them to their original state.

12. Petrificus Totalus: Attacking Spell

Petrificus Totalus

A horrifying spell that locks enemies in a full body bind, freezing them in place and oftentimes one-shotting them.

13. Lumos


Lumos is a spell that creates a source of light at the tip of the wand, serving as a flashlight in dark environments.

14. Glacius


Glacius is an ice spell that allows you to release ice from your wand that can freeze enemies for a short time and slow them.

15. Stupefy: Standard Spell


Stupefy is a support spell that can be used to stun enemies temporarily, allowing the caster to launch combo attacks

16. Nox


This somehow works opposite to Lumos as this spell is used to turn OFF lights

17. Incendio


This spell is opposite to the Glacius spell as upon casting this surrounds the enemy with fire.

18. Oppugno: Standard Spell


Oppugno spell is used to pull objects around you from a distance and throw it to the enemy

19. Expelliarmus


An effective spell that disarms your opponent, allowing you to corner them. When combined with ‘Oppugno,’ it can be even more powerful. After disarming the enemy, you can remove the wand from their possession by throwing it away.

20. Diffindo


The spell ‘Diffindo’ is a powerful slashing attack that delivers substantial harm to the targeted enemy

21. Levioso: Commands Enemy


The spell ‘Levioso’ has the ability to command the enemy to levitate, giving you complete control over their movement, unless they can effectively counter the spell

22. Descendo


This spell is used to launch the enemy up in the air and then slam them onto the ground

23. Confringo: Attacking Spell


A spell that creates a massive and intense blast, covering a wide area and causing significant harm. This is a type of AOE (Area of Effect) attack that is highly destructive

24. Accio


The Accio spell is utilized to summon an object from a distance to the caster

25. Depulso: Diamond Spells


This Spell is used to throw away people and objects to the ground

26. Rictusempra

The spell that triggers uncontrollable laughter in its target, commonly used as a distraction tactic during duels

There are also specific spells that allow you to interact and care for your magical creatures.

However, the above 26 spells are currently confirmed to be in the game and more may be revealed upon its release.


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