Lenovo Legion Go VS PS5 | Which Console is Better and Why?

Handheld gaming consoles are overtaking the traditional gaming offered by consoles like PlayStation 5 and PC gaming. In our comparison of Legion GO VS Steam Deck and Legion Go VS ROG Ally, the Lenovo Legion Go surpassed both of the handheld gaming consoles in every aspect.

Now, the comparison might seem unfair if we talk about PS5 VS Lenovo Legion Go since both consoles are of different categories. Legion Go can provide a PS5-like gaming experience with the Z1 extreme processor and 144 Hz QHD display. But is it worth buying?

To compare both consoles side-by-side, we have written this detailed review to settle the battle of Legion GO VS PS5 by considering some important aspects. Let us share our thoughts on various areas while comparing PS5 with Lenovo Legion Go.

PlayStation 5 VS Lenovo Legion Go

Here, we have considered some factors to compare PS5 VS Legion Go to see which console is better and why.


The performance factor is the first and most important thing that makes the real comparison between PS5 vs. Legion Go. In terms of performance, we are going to talk about which console delivers more to achieve higher frame rates at higher resolution.

AMD Ryzen PS5 Processor

Sony PlayStation 5 has an 8-core 3.5 GHz processor with 2230 MHz CPU clock speedPS5’s AMD Ryzen Zen 2 processor is over 6.06% faster than the Legion Go’s Z1 extreme processor. This difference may not seem significant on the paper, but it makes a massive difference in benchmarks.

PS5 has 36 compute units compared to Legion Go’s 16 compute units, which ultimately gives almost 3 times better performance. You can play games in 4K seamlessly, and it won’t lack performance anywhere.

Ryzen Z1 CPU

On the other hand, the AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Series processor has an 8-core 3.3GHz processor with 1500 MHz of GPU clock in Legion Go, giving you decent frame rates with 144 Hertz Display on a QHD display screen. With AMD RSR enabled on Lenovo Legion Go, you can achieve up to 60 to 70 FPS on various CPU-intensive games. Hence, PlayStation is the winner for every title when hitting higher frame rates at higher resolution for hours.

Game Library

The gaming library on Lenovo Legio Go has no limits as the Windows 11-based operating system makes Legion Go compatible with every game launcher available for PC. You can manage Steam Client, Epic Games launcher, Origin Games, and much more right from the Legion Space. However, some games won’t launch on Legion Go if the battery power outage is not managed properly.

Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Library

On the other hand, PlayStation has a reputation for owning platform-exclusive titles like Forspoken. Still, Asus would beat it without a chance since the console has various games. So when it comes to which console hosts the most games available right now, Lenovo Legion Go is the winner.

PlayStation Gaming Library

Controller Setup

The evolution of PlayStation controllers was a historic upgrade in gaming technology. After the success of DualShock, DualSense made some huge upgrades with haptic feedback and ergonomic design.

DualSense Edge Controller PS5

Lenovo went crazy with Legion Go, took the controller setup concept from every handheld gaming console out there, and infused it in the Legion Go. This console also features the standard ABXY setup, D-pad, trigger buttons, and up to 10 assignable buttons. However, the most unique feature of the Legion Go controller setup is the removable controllers, which is quite similar to something that we have seen on a Nintendo Switch console.

Lenovo Legion Go Control buttons Setup

Hence, you can enjoy multiplayer and co-op games on this console by simply detaching the controllers and playing with them individually. Each controller has a dedicated mouse wheel that comes in handy when playing First Person Shooter games or esports titles.

Yet again, Lenovo Legion Go gets an extra point for bringing a unique controller setup concept that is inspired by Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

Convenience of Gameplay

Regarding the convenience of gaming between PS5 and Lenovo Legion Go, the choice merely depends on your routine and gaming preferences.

Lenovo Legion Go Display Screen

Lenovo Legion Go gives you the convenience of carrying it anywhere, anytime. However, if you are concerned about battery charging and focus more on getting the best performance, going for the PlayStation 5 is always preferable. However, if you are always on the go, then Legion Go is the best choice.

Final Words

While comparing the PS5 VS Lenovo Legion Go, you must consider Legion Go, a Windows-based mid-range portable gaming PC. The convenience of portability is a huge plus in a gaming console. And by far, Lenovo Legion Go is the most powerful handheld gaming console without a question. So, if you want high-end gaming anywhere, anytime, Lenovo Legion Go should be your first choice.


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