Hogwarts Legacy – Steam Deck Best Graphics Settings for Optimal Performance

Hogwarts Legacy is the type of game that took its start from the Harry Potter franchise and now it has made its way to the handheld gaming consoles. This game takes you into a more diverse version of the Harry Potter universe, where you get to indulge in the magical world of Hogwarts by discovering magical beasts, customizing your character and crafting potions, mastering spell casting, upgrading talents, and becoming the wizard you want to be.

Want to play it on the go? Let’s share the best game settings to play Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck. These settings are according to the Hogwarts Legacy game requirements to maintain the most optimal gaming experience.

Hogwarts Legacy Best Settings for Steam Deck

Windows ModeWindowed
Rendering Resolution50%
Upscale TypeAMD FSR 2
Upscale ModeAMD FSR 2 Performance
Upscale SharpnessAs per preference
Nvidia Low Reflex LatencyOFF
Field of View+20
Effects QualityLow
Material QualityLow
Fog QualityLow
Sky QualityLow
Foliage QualityLow
Post Process QualityLow
Shadow QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
View Distance QualityLow
Population QualityLow
Ray Tracing ReflectionsOFF
Ray Tracing ShadowsOFF
Ray Tracing Ambient OcclusionOFF

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of performance quality and better battery life, we recommend following the settings below. These settings will maintain the quality of graphics, allowing you to achieve 30 to 40 FPS at 720p resolution on medium settings.

image 80

The settings mentioned above will not affect cut scenes in any sense as they are pre-rendered. However, if you are still experiencing Hogwarts Legacy crashing on Steam Deck. This issue might occur due to Steam Deck overheating or due to varying processing speeds as well.

TCG Recommended Settings

TDP Limit18
Refresh Rate40
FPS Limit40
GPU ClockDisabled

In our experience, the above-mentioned hardware settings would get you the best Hogwarts Legacy gameplay experience on Steam Deck. Hence, we recommend you set the following settings for a balanced performance and battery-saving concept.

Estimated Battery Usage

Temperature77-83 Celcius
TDP14-23 W
Estimated Playtime1.5-2 hours

We recommend playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck while charging. However, if you want to play the game on battery life, then there is no limit to TDP consumption. Even if you have disabled the GPU clock, the battery will drain pretty quickly while playing Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck. We will update the stats after gathering reviews from the community to share their experience.

Final Words

If you are trying to run the game and it gets stuck on a black screen for a while, then we suggest applying these tricks for fixing Steam Deck freezing while gaming. Although restarting the game might do the trick. And that’s about it. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments how your experience was with Hogwarts Legacy on Steam Deck.


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