Highly Requested PSN Feature? What Is It?

Are you waiting for the most Requested PSN Feature ever?

What Is It?

According to the PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, “one highly requested feature is coming soon”

On one side, the PS5 shortage issue around the world, and on the other, the PlayStation is about to release the requested and awaited PSN feature.

So, if you are a die-hard fan of Discord then you need to read this news because the leak suggests that the most awaited feature of PSN is somehow related to Discord.

Although it’s not official, as the rumors say that there might be Discord integration with the PSN.

Moreover, there are some PlayStation fans on Reddit who say that last week when they opened Discord they saw an option to link their Discord account to PSN and that wasn’t available there before.

Just to let you know again that the feature isn’t live yet but the work is complete and the PSN feature will soon be revealed.

According to the leaks, this PSN feature will enhance PS4 gaming as many users who didn’t get to buy PS5 due to shortage will benefit a lot. And for PS5 users this feature will be really valuable and can give a tough time to their competitor Xbox Series X.

At the very moment of publishing, we just need to make things clear that these are just assumptions according to the leaks and maybe there could be more features coming with the PSN update.

If there are any official responses from PlayStation on the upcoming feature then we will surely update the story but for now, all we can say is that the new PSN feature is COMING SOON.

Although you won’t face any errors after the new PSN update,

if you still get any update error on your PS5 or any network error on your PS4 then you can bookmark this page on your browser to overcome the errors by following our useful guides.


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