Xbox Series S Over Heating?

5 Best Tips 

Xbox Series S Over Heating?

Did you buy a brand new Xbox and its starts having heating issues?

No, Worries! We Have a Fix

Why does my  Xbox Series S keep overheating?

4 Reasons WHY

4 Reasons Why

Not placed in an open space


Too much dust on Vents


Covered with a cloth 


Placed too close to the wall


Tip 1

 Ensure an Open Space

An open Space ensures good ventilation of your  device,  So, do not place your console in a narrow or cramped space


LOWER your Xbox temperature  within Seconds!

Tip 2

Avoid Covering Xbox Series S

 Covering Xbox doesn't enable air to circulate  through the vents  So, it's highly recommended to not cover Xbox with a cloth


You can still use skins and they are safe to use.

Tip 3

Clean Regularly

Do not allow dust to build upon the vents.  Use a cleaning tool such as a vacuum cleaner to remove dust buildup.  

Save your Xbox  From Dust with this  Dust Cover & Headset Holder 

Tip 4

Keep it in a Horizontal Position

Better Air Circulation is possible when the Console is placed vertically

Even the console is advertised in this position.

Tip 5

Take a Break between Game Sessions

It’s easy to end up with your consoles without a break. This is very common for regular gamers. 

But this exercise is not necessary for the health of your console and more importantly: 

Your Own Health

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