Easy Ways to Fix Sticking or Clicky Joysticks on Steam Deck

Do the Joysticks on your Steam Deck click while sticking every time you rotate them on 360? It might seem like a little problem, but being a perfectionist and a gamer, it is pretty annoying yet distracting. In the worst-case scenario, this little problem can cause the thumbstick to drift on Steam Deck.

If you are unlucky, the sticking and clicking joystick issues on Steam Deck might happen with both left and right units. However, in most cases, players have only reported either left or right joysticks sticking and clicking on Steam Deck. In any case, you can try these methods to fix the sticking and clicking joysticks on Steam Deck for a flawless gaming experience.

How to Fix Sticking Joysticks on Steam Deck?

Before discussing the clicking joysticks on Steam Deck, let’s discuss how to resolve the sticking joysticks with some tried-and-tested methods.

Method #1: Clean Your Console

The sticking joysticks on handheld gaming consoles like Steam Deck are often a result of a dusty console that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. The best way to fix this issue is by using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean the Steam Deck joysticks for any dust or dirt.

Cleaning joysticks on Steam Deck

You can also try using a microfiber cloth to clean the round areas around the joystick for any dust or dirt. Avoid using compressed air to clean joysticks on Steam Deck as pushing dust particles inside the console might make things worse.

Method #2: Apply Lubricant

Another way to fix the grinding and sticking of joysticks on Steam Deck is by applying the right amount of lube on the console’s joysticks. A Reddit user tried and tested this method to resolve the problem of sticking the joystick on the Steam Deck by applying some Blaster Dry Lube on the Q-Tip of the Steam Deck.

Keep in mind that applying lubricant to electronic devices like Steam Deck can be risky, as it might damage the internal hardware. One spray of dry lube with Teflon on a Q-tip would be sufficient to clean the sticking joysticks on the Steam Deck. You can also apply dry lube for sticking triggers and buttons on Steam Deck.

Method #3: Apply Some Scotch Tape

If cleaning and applying the lube don’t work, you can smoothen the sticking joysticks on Steam Deck by applying some scotch tape, thanks to the Reddit user who discovered this fix by applying the following steps.

  1. Cut a long strip of scotch tap equivalent to the size of the joystick’s height on the Steam Deck.
    Cutting Scotch Tape to fix sticking joysticks on Steam Deck
  2. Carefully wrap the tape around the joystick using a tweezer.
  3. Using a tweezer or any other thin tool, push the scotch tape strip down so it covers the base of the joystick properly.
    Applying Scotch Tape to fix sticking joysticks on Steam Deck
  4. Smooth the corners of the tape with a microfiber cloth and you’re done!

How to Fix Clicking Joysticks on Steam Deck?

Here are some methods to fix the clicking joysticks on Steam Deck along with the reason why this issue happens on your console.

Method #1: Clean the Joysticks

If you hear weird clicking or rattling sounds while rotating the joysticks at 360 degrees on Steam Deck, it might be caused by dust or dirt particles. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the dust and dirt particles around the joysticks thoroughly.

Cleaning Steam Deck Joystick with Microfiber Cloth

While cleaning the joysticks with a Microfiber cloth, try not to push too hard, as this might transfer dust and dirt to the console hardware. You can also apply a little lube on the microfiber cloth to clean the dust particles more efficiently.

Method #2: Check for the Wire

A lot of Reddit users have reported the clicking joystick on Steam Deck, and for most of them, the reason was the alignment of the wire under the joystick. It’s a manufacturing fault from Valve that causes a blue wire to rattle with the motherboard when you rotate the joystick at certain angles. Poorly aligned wires can also cause the rattling of buttons on Steam Deck, which could happen after the ages of gaming.

Due to the unadjusted alignment of the blue wire, you may have to take the console apart to fix the clicking joystick on Steam Deck. Find the blue wire under the left or right joystick of the Steam Deck and apply a little tape to it.

Do not try pushing the wire inside or aligning it yourself, as it might ruin the joystick. If you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, then it’s best to take Steam Deck to your nearby Steam Deck repair center.

Method #3: Go for the RMA

If you are not satisfied with the fix and you think taking the Steam Deck apart to fix the joystick clicking sounds is too technical, then it is best to get the RMA on your Steam Deck console.

The refund policy of Steam Deck gives the owner complete rights to return the product within 14 days of purchase (or the date from receiving Steam Deck if you ordered online) to get a replacement by contacting Steam Support.

Contact Steam Support for RMA

However, keep in mind that you’ll have to return the Steam Deck to Valve in its original condition, with all the tags, unopened, unused, and in its original packaging. Under these conditions, you can ask for a refund to get a new Steam Deck console.


How to Clean Steam Deck Joysticks?

Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab and lubricate it with a little dry lube to clean the joysticks of Steam Deck console.

Are the Thumbsticks Replaceable on Steam Deck?

Yes, you can order new thumbsticks of either type A or type B for your Steam Deck based on its mode. The controller ID on Steam Deck starting with MEDA supports type-A joysticks and the MHDA controller ID supports type-B joysticks.

Final Words

Sticking or clicky joysticks on Steam Deck can be frustrating and annoying. They can distract you from enjoying a perfectly good game while hindering your accuracy. Alternatively, you can find a new external controller for Steam Deck to compensate for sticking and clicking joysticks on Steam Deck. We hope this guide was helpful, and if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know down in the comment section!


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