How to Fix Sticky Triggers and Stuck B Button on Steam Deck

Are your triggers or B button completely stuck on Steam Deck? This could be a shocking moment since you are unable even to press the stuck button because its firmly stuck in its frame, which is worse than sticky/clicky joysticks on Steam Deck.

Most of the players have been complaining about stuck triggers and the B button, which takes most of the aggressive response on Steam Deck. To help you get fix the issue, we have written this detailed guide on how to fix sticky triggers and stuck B button on Steam Deck by following a few easy methods.

How to Fix Stuck B-button on Steam Deck?

Here are some tried and tested methods to fix the stuck b-button on Steam Deck.

Method #1: Use Thin Foil Strip

Some creative users on Reddit used thin plastic or metal foil strips to get in between the tiny bits of gap to fix the stuck B-button on Steam Deck. And yes, it works for any stuck button on handheld gaming consoles like Steam Deck.

Fixing the Stuck button on Steam Deck.

The idea is to slide the thin foil and push the button upwards so it pops out of the frame to function normally.

Method #2: Keep Tapping the Button

Another Reddit user took a rather aggressive approach towards fixing the stuck B-button on Steam Deck by tapping the button until it releases to function normally. Constant tapping will loosen up the button and make it work normally.

byu/burnone3232 from discussion

Apply the pressure firmly and don’t force it too harshly. Otherwise, you might feel rattling buttons on Steam Deck after they loosen up from the frame.

How to Fix Sticky Triggers on Steam Deck?

According to most of the Reddit users and members of the Steam community, sticky triggers on Steam Deck are caused due to improper shape of the plastic housing.

Trigger Housing on Steam Deck

Here are three easy ways to fix sticky triggers on Steam Deck.

Method #1: Heat the Trigger Housing

Open the back pannel of your Steam Deck console and heat the plastic housing around the trigger with a heat gun. Then take a piece of metal to mould the plastic housing a bit to make more space for the trigger to move.

Method #2: Press Aggressively

If one or both triggers on Steam Deck feel mushy, then keep pressing the trigger aggressively until you feel like the plastic has smudge a bit to give more space for the trigger to move freely.

Method #3: Apply Dry Lube

You can apply a bit of dry lube on a cotton Q-tip and clean the edges of the trigger or the gaps between the housing and the trigger. Sometimes, the dust or dirt particles cause the rattling between the trigger and the housing, making it sticky on each press.

Not Satisfied After Applying the Fixes? Go for the RMA

If you are not satisfied with the fix and you think taking the Steam Deck apart to fix the stuck buttons or triggers is too technical, then it is best to get the RMA on your Steam Deck console.

The refund policy of Steam Deck gives the owner complete rights to return the product within 14 days of purchase (or the date from receiving Steam Deck if you ordered online) to get a replacement by contacting Steam Support.

Contact Steam Support for RMA

However, keep in mind that you’ll have to return the Steam Deck to Valve in its original condition, with all the tags, unopened, unused, and in its original packaging. Under these conditions, you can ask for a refund to get a new Steam Deck console.


How to Clean Triggers on Steam Deck?

Apply rubbing alcohol on a q-tip or microfiber cloth and wipe the edges or trigger alongwith the gaps between the plastic housing.

Can I Use Alcohol Wipes to Clean Steam Deck?

It is not recommended to use alcohol wipes. Instead, you can apply single spray of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) on a microfiber cloth to clean your Steam Deck console.

How to Clean Buttons on Steam Deck?

Apply a drop of isopropyl alcohol on the button and then press it firmly until it feels smooth. Then take a microfiber cloth to wipe any dust or dirt off the button.

Final Words

For some players, its hard to press the D-pad buttons on Steam Deck. However, the sticky triggers and stuck buttons leave you no choice except for being aggressve with them, which works in some cases. Hence we recommend following the methods mentioned in this article to resolve sticky buttons and triggers on Steam Deck for a seamless gaming experience.


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