Best Free IP Stressers You Must Try in 2023!

If you’re looking for reliable online services for IP Stressers that work for free, try these top free IP Stressers from this article.

Whenever you’re playing an online game with friends or running some solo action, the worst imaginary thing that could happen is a mid-game server crash. The same thing could happen to any website where many users visit simultaneously, making it challenging to handle. In that case, stress testing would probably be the best way to determine its capacity to bear traffic load.

An IP stresser that checks the strength of a web server in terms of its load-bearing capacity of web traffic. IP stressing is commonly performed before deploying a web server to maintain the traffic load. Hence, an IP stresser decides if the server can maintain uptime without crashing due to excess traffic.

You may find a wide range of free IP Stressers online, but some are barely reliable. Hence, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best free IP Stressers of 2023 that are tried and tested to be the most efficient ones.

1. Stresser AI

Stresser AI Best Free IP Stressers

Stresser AI does not lack when it comes to the bandwidth of 1GBPS. With this type of bandwidth, you can strike up to 50 attacks per day, consisting of layer 4 and layer 7. The Stresser AI’s IP stress can last over 5 minutes to monitor how the web server can handle the load efficiently. The tool is free to use but under a trial version.

2. Neocites FreeBooter

Neocites FreeBooter IP Stresser

Freebooter is developed and offered by a hosting service called Neocities. For using this tool, you don’t have to register an account. Because it offers 5GBPS of stress test bandwidth, the Freebooter made it to our best free IP Stressers. This stresser uses the DNS amplification methods, and they don’t keep any log of the stress testing carrier. Hence, it’s completely safe to use for clients too.

3. StressThem

StressThem IP Stresser

StressThem is one of the strongest free IP Stressers on our list, with a 1000 GB/S capacity. All you need to access this platform is a free account registration, and you can use it for free without paying a single dime. You get 1 GB/S of bandwidth testing when you sign up for free.

This IP Stresser also has paid plans for extended durations of stress testing. The premium plan is $30 and gets you 30 days, offering 20 minutes of attacks. The highest package costs $600 for 30 days, offering 2 hours of attacks.

4. Dotcom-Monitor


The last resort for those wanting a broader scope in IP stressing is the Dotcom-Monitor. The name of this IP stresser pretty much explains what it does. This domain has a server spreader over 6 continents, allowing the client to understand and adapt user paths and scripts.

This became one of the best free IP Stressers because of the negligible network latency and stable monitoring of test results. It’s the most reliable and accurate IP Stresser that gives you a free 30-day trial upon registration. You can also avail of their premium segment, which starts from just $20 per month and extends up to $80 per month.

Final Words

Besides invalid Wi-Fi configuration or ethernet not being able to recognize the IP address, there could be other reasons you’re unable to access a website. The most common reason could be website downtime due to excess traffic. In that case, you can always try the free IP Stressers mentioned in this article.


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