How To Access PS5 Web Browser/Internet Using Messages?

How To Access PS5 Web Browser Using Messages?

Are you tired of looking again and again into your PS5 in search of a web browser?

Unfortunately, there’s no web browser in PS5 but we have got a solution for you below to make your life easier.

Can you access Internet on PS5?

Yes, you can access the internet with your PS5 console.

There’s a web browser through which you will be able to access the internet.

So you can access the PS5 web browser using messages in very simple steps below:

  1. Press the PS button on the PS5 DualSense controller while you are on the PS5 home screen.
  2. Now choose the Game base option from the middle bottom of your PS5 home screen.
  3. Select any recent chat of your friend to go to Messages > View Messages.
  4. Now type http:/ / on a wireless keyboard if you got one connected or then through a controller and press Enter.
  5. Next, click this message and it will open a browser window and you can search any website you want to.
  6. After that, you can Pin your browser to the side of your screen by selecting Options.
  7. Now press the quick menu which will force the browser to appear as an activity card and you won’t be needing to repeat steps 1 to 5 again and again.

So that’s it and you will be able to know how to access PS5 web browser.

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