5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

Gaming problems irritate gamers from all over the world. Especially when popular video games freeze and the character dies out of nothing. Let’s take a look at the common errors that video game lovers face.

Recently, glitching in gaming has literally forced fans to abandon their gaming computers and joysticks and find another hobby. At the same time, numerous bugs aren’t observed in popular video games after one more update, but right from the very day of release. It begs the question, why do developers with such fantastic financial investments not launch a product that doesn’t need to be fixed from month to month with constant updates?

Unfortunately, bugs, glitches, and errors are common phenomena in the modern gaming industry. Firstly, the publisher releases an incomplete product and only then finishes it with the help of numerous patches and updates.

Moreover, modern games are full of errors in the code itself, which is associated with the developers’ desire to release games as quickly as possible. Indeed, why have they tested the game for long months when they can make good money after the release and then promise dissatisfied fans to fix the black screen of death?

5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

But everything is not so bad. Most video game developers or designers themselves want their creations to be in perfect condition on release. However, desire is often not enough. They usually face a modest budget, a greedy publisher, unrealistic deadlines, etc.

Bugs and glitches can be roughly divided into several categories:

  1. those that help
  2. those that make you laugh
  3. those that scare; and,
  4. those that simply interfere with the gameplay.

All of them are present in every product, even in the best free online games. As a result, gamers hope that playing video games on their gaming computers will be as perfect as possible in principle, and they won’t have to use a screen recorder to record and send a complaint to the publisher.

In this article, we are going to talk about the five most common gaming problems, bugs, and glitches, as well as share with you some tips on how to get rid of them or at least slightly neutralize their negative effect on the gameplay.5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

5 Most Common Gaming Problems

As we all know, even the most popular video games and best online games can’t exist without bugs, which can be both serious gaming problems and harmless nuances. To fix all these bugs, teams of game testers are constantly working, and feedback from the players is always collected. But still, gaming problems are quite common. And quite often, these errors are not related to your gaming computer and its video card.

1. Graphics glitches and bugs

Graphics glitches, or visual glitches, are the inaccurate display of certain things in a video game. As a rule, such glitches aren’t particularly problematic. But they can pretty much spoil the overall impression of playing video games — from bugs in the user interface to missing assets in the game world. Graphics glitches can affect not only the image but the gameplay as well.Graphic glitches 5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to fix graphics glitches yourself. Often, restarting the game or installing a fresh patch helps. And in some cases, updating graphics drivers or even changing the graphics card or video card of your PC may come in handy.

2. Freezing, Crashing, or Hanging

Freezes and crashes are perhaps the most annoying gaming problems that players from all over the world experience on an almost daily basis. In fact, the game (or any other application) becomes completely inoperable — it doesn’t respond to any users’ actions. As a result, you observe closing the game on your gaming computer.

If you are “lucky” to download such a game, try the following:

  1. Make sure your PC meets the minimum system requirements of the game
  2. Update the drivers of your graphics card
  3. Install the latest versions of the software required for the high performance of various applications, including video games
  4. Run the installation of all updates for the OS
  5. Perhaps you need to boost FPS
  6. Completely reinstall the game
  7. Restart your PC

5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

3. Gameplay defect

Some of you have probably found yourself in a situation where the game asked for one thing, but in reality, everything is totally different. For instance, when completing a certain mission, you can’t finish it because the game thinks that you are in an absolutely different location. As a result, you fail.

Only previous saves help to continue playing in such video games. However, in some cases, the game saves break along with the game itself. So, you do not have to restart the game only but start the mission again, which can be problematic cause the original completion has taken much time. As a rule, such serious bugs and errors are always fixed by developers in future patches.

4. Text bugs

Incorrect inflections, missing symbols, or a word that is out of textbox — such text problems can be very annoying and are even found in popular video games.text bugs 5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

Such bugs can be roughly divided into two categories: those that annoy and those that break the gameplay. You can still somehow put up with the first ones if they appear only at some specific moment in the game. But, it is impossible to put up with the second ones because the whole game stops because of them.

You can try to fix text bugs in different ways. It all depends on the specific case. For instance, to:

  1. Restart the level or game
  2. Restart your computer or use PC diagnostic tools
  3. Install additional Windows language packs
  4. Change the main language of your system to another
  5. Update your game to the latest version

5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

Unfortunately, if none of the above helps you get rid of text problems, you have no choice but to wait for fresh updates from the developers. It won’t be superfluous to use a screen recorder for Windows to record a bug and send it to technical support for a speedy solution to the problem.

5. Audio problems

Many of us rarely pay attention to the sound. However, when the sound “breaks,” the whole gameplay breaks along with it. Since many PC gaming fans rely on all sorts of sounds inside the game, for instance, to predict the intentions of enemies.

If you are faced with these or other sound bugs, errors, and glitches, then here is what you can do:

  1. Reload the game level or the game itself
  2. Restart your gaming computer
  3. Update your sound card drivers
  4. Install a fresh patch for the game

In some cases, the audio problem may be unsolvable — all that remains is to wait for the release of the next update.


The modern interactive entertainment market, or gaming industry, is developing intensively, even taking into account the above-mentioned defects. Even among the most popular video games and best free and paid online games, there are numerous glitches and bugs — although teams and departments of professionals are working on the development.5 Most Frequent Video Game Errors and Issues Disturbing Players

PC gamers have to deal with all sorts of problems on a regular basis: code bugs, audio, and video glitches, and even sudden hardware failures. However, when faced with technical difficulties, try to stay positive. You can always find a solution to a problem — restarting the system, upgrading your gaming computer, replacing your PC’s hard drive or video card, or simply installing an update from the developer.

We wish you all the best and always enjoy playing video games!








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