Steam Game Made Free to Keep for a Very Limited Time

Hurry Up gamers!

It’s your time to buy this Steam Game for FREE!

Yes, you’ve heard me right,

It’s Totally FREE!

Steam users have a limited time to get this paid game for free.

Ninja free

This offer is specifically made by the independent developer SC Jogos is offering their game “Ninja Stealth” for free.

ninja stealth

PC users have limited time to avail of this offer, it is available for free until June 13 at 7 am. The game’s actual cost is $4.99, but to celebrate its 6th anniversary on the platform, it is now available for FREE.

Steam giveaways are very rare so this is your opportunity to get a paid game for totally free.

The game has collected 755 user reviews on Steam, and 73% of them are mostly positive.

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About This Game:

In this game, you’ll be a Ninja and you have to hide in the shadows. Your task is very simple, you have to escape the evil facility from a company that is trying to destroy the world by building a new chemical, this chemical will destroy humanity in the worst way ever possible.

ninja stealth 1

The main villain, Mr. Tinger is planning to sell this chemical on the black market and then he’ll extend his empire even more. You as a hero entered the facilities to get the chemical and steal its formula of it and put an end to Mr. Tinger’s evil empire.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and get this game for totally FREE!

Save some money!

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