Nine Out of Ten Believe PC Gaming Offers Better Experience Compared to Mobile: HP report

People have long been enjoying video games, even before the widespread adoption of smartphones.

But it seems like

PC gaming is accumulating popularity among India’s youth.

A survey report of HP India’s “Gaming landscape 2021” reveals greater credibility of PC gaming as compared to the smartphones before the youth of this era. The experience and sense of satisfaction PC gaming leave behind compels the audience to bring change in the form of upgrading from mobile to PC that supports new age versatile games.

Vickram Bedi HP India’s Senior Director gives away his perspective regarding the PC vs Mobile gaming conflict, rightfully stating:

“It’s not exclusive that you only game on mobile or only game on a laptop, there are some games that suit themselves very well to the mobile form factor and some games are very well suited to the PC form factor.”

pc gaming

According to the empirical outcome of report 2021, The figures prove that every nine of ten individuals are of the opinion that a PC provides a greater gaming experience than a mobile phone. The majority are on their toes to shift to PC gaming.

If talked about in percentage the report shows, 35% of mobile gamers wish to switch to a PC for more enjoyable experience. 54% participants of the survey think PC gaming holds a more interactive, wider, and clear display with powerful processors which can support high-quality games. 59% are going after this popular choice for graphics and 56% solely go for the reason of optimal performance.

In recent times, a middle-class lot has been observed buying PCs, Playstations[PS4 & PS5] to help themselves with memorable experiences and captivating displays. Especially in India where such gadgets for a middle-class family is a backbreaker instead of youth manages due to the plausible experience that has been floating in comparison with mobile phones.

pc gaming

Vickram Bedi does not favor the abandonment of mobile phones since many compatible games are full-fledged running, catching audiences with amazing views. Sometimes when the same-titled game is available to both PC and mobile phone allowing a varied user experience, you can even unlock some options that may not be easy to opt for on PC. However, in PC a wide difference is seen due to its upgraded specifications.

Vickram further added that gamers usually kick off from basics on mobile phones and later shift to PC for a wider adventure. The setup of the PC has deliberately been enhanced in terms of accessories, multi-monitor customization.

pc gaming 1

Gaming has not only won the hearts of youth because of gaming challenges but also the establishment of a narrative that gaming can successfully be pursued as a job, apart from a sideline enjoyment you can now earn based on skillset.

Vickram Bedi wraps up by stating all the above factors as a reason for higher demand for PC and consoles.

What do you prefer, PC or Smartphone?

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