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Increase in Apple Music Subscription Price for Students

Students who use their own money to pay College fees or to buy something mostly look for the platforms that offer good deals on budget.

Apple Music Student Subscription was one of them.

Now Apple is increasing the Apple Music Subscription Price for Students.

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The reason behind this is still unknown!

This issue got attention when an Apple Music user got a mail from Apple, and he posted that on Twitter.

Apple made this subscription mainly for university students, which is applicable for only 48 months. Students can apply for this by submitting their university details.

Who is affected by this?

Some students say songs help them in studying or in beating stress and anxiety.

Personally, I always listen to songs while doing maths problems, it somehow makes maths enjoyable for me.

But after this price increase, some students may reconsider their subscription.

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apple music

As far as MacRumors can find, South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Israel, and Kenya will receive the price increase in the subscription.

So only students will be affected by this or Apple too?

Main Question Again: Why?

Apple didn’t give any reasons behind this but we can only assume a few.

The main reason we can think of now is because of the currency, when some countries’ currencies deviate a lot compared to the US Dollar.

apple music

Is it increased profits or increased costs?

Only Apple knows the main reason!

If your country is having an increase in the subscriptions, tell me in the comment sections what you think about this?

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